Break LA - Short And Sweet - B-Boy Battle  - Venice, CA - Jan 20th, 2024

Break LA - Short And Sweet - B-Boy Battle - Venice, CA - Jan 20th, 2024

Break LA: Muneki's 40th Birthday Bash Unleashes Raw Talent in Short and Sweet Showdown

In the heart of Venice, California, at 2100 Zeno Pl, a spectacular event unfolded on January 20th, 2024. "Break LA - Muneki 40th BDay Special Edition - Short and Sweet" wasn't just an ordinary celebration; it was a showcase of talent and a battleground for raw creativity. Organized by, Strive and Concrete All Stars, this event marked Muneki's 40th birthday with electrifying battles and mesmerizing exhibitions.

Break LA Venice Ca

1. 2v2 Breaking Battle: "Dope Ass Name" Somer & Ryan Take the W

The highlight of the night was the intense 2v2 Breaking Battle, where participants battled fiercely for a grand prize of $400. Each round, defined by 4 8-counts, became a canvas for the dancers. Renowned judges Bebo, Kid David, and Brooks Jones had the challenging task of selecting the victors. In the end, the duo  "Dope Ass Name," Somer and Ryan, emerged as the champions, showcasing unparalleled skill and creativity.


2. Footwork Showdown: Lily Breeze Dances to Victory

The 1v1 Footwork Concept battle brought forth a unique challenge with a $100 prize on the line. With 2 8-counts and raw drums setting the beats, participants navigated the rhythm with finesse. Judges Squid, Ervin, and Kotee were impressed by the skill displayed, but it was Lily Breeze who claimed the title, proving that elegance and precision could triumph in the dance arena.

3. Around 40 and Up Breaking Battle: Experience Takes the Stage

Adding a twist to the festivities, the 2v2 Around 40 and Up Breaking Battle offered a $200 prize to some of the Old School Heads . Judged by Wilpower, Moskito, and Easy Roc, this battle showcased the experience and wisdom of the participants. The seasoned dancers demonstrated that age is just a number when it comes to breaking boundaries, with their moves echoing through the venue.

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4. Exhibition Battle: Toonz and Swap vs. Freal and Capital

In a thrilling Exhibition Battle, Toonz and Swap of Concrete Allstars faced off against Freal and Capital of Knucklehead Zoo. The clash between these dynamic duos was a testament to the diverse styles within the breaking community. The energy and synergy between them created an electrifying atmosphere, leaving the audience in awe.

Short and Sweet Concept: Making Every Moment Count

The underlying theme of all battles was the "Short and Sweet" concept. Participants were challenged to make their brief moments on the floor impactful and meaningful, revealing the essence of their dance style. It was a testament to the dancers' ability to communicate their identity through concise yet powerful performances.

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Beyond Battles: Beats, Drums, and Celebrations

Amidst the battles, Break LA treated the audience to a musical extravaganza. DJs John Gibby, Toonz, and special guest DJ Milli Milz spun tracks that resonated with the pulsating energy of the event. Adding a live element, Illijah Beats delivered a captivating drum performance, elevating the overall experience.

DJ Milli Milz

DJ Milli Milz

In conclusion, the Break LA - Muneki 40th BDay Special Edition - Short and Sweet event transcended expectations, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Muneki, Strive, and The Concrete All Stars. This wasn't just a birthday celebration; it was a testament to the thriving B-Boy culture, where talent knows no bounds, and each moment is an opportunity to shine. As the beats echoed and the crowd cheered, Muneki's birthday bash left an indelible mark on the breaking scene.

B-Boy Muneki of Concrete All Stars

B-Boy Muneki of Concrete All Stars

Panic 39 Banner at Break LA , Venice CA