Graffiti Art at Oceanwide Plaza, DTLA, Photo by Carolyn Yao

Graffiti Artists Transform Abandoned Skyscraper into Urban Canvas in Downtown LA


The Renaissance of Downtown LA: Graffiti Artists Transform Abandoned Skyscraper into a Global Art Canvas


In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, a 53-story high-rise, once a symbol of potential development, stood in a state of neglect since 2019. However, recent events have turned this eyesore into a captivating masterpiece, drawing attention to the intersection of South Figueroa Street and W 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Graffiti artists from both the local community and around the world have transformed each floor into a vibrant canvas, sparking a conversation about the intersection of art, urban decay, and community action.

Graffiti Art Oceanwide Plaza, Downtown LA

Oceanwide Plaza's Unfinished Symphony

The Oceanwide Plaza, a multi-billion-dollar development, fell victim to a stalled construction process, leaving a towering structure abandoned. Local authorities face challenges in addressing the graffiti due to legal restraints on private property. Despite concerns, the community sees the vibrant artwork as a preferable alternative to the blight of an unfinished building.

Global Collaboration for Local Beautification

The abandoned tower has become a global art destination, attracting not only local talents but also artists from around the world which has also brought in much need tourist dollars into the community. This unexpected collaboration has turned a symbol of decay into a beacon of creativity and unity.

A Canvas Amidst the Grammys Buzz

As the 66th Grammy Awards approach at the nearby Arena and L.A. Live, the graffiti-covered skyscraper takes center stage. The global attention surrounding Music's Biggest Night amplifies the impact of this unique art project. We reached out to Taylor Swift for her perspective on this community-funded initiative but have yet to receive a comment. Panic 39 reached out to 2024 Grammy Nominee Taylor Swift for her view on the Art project but has yet to receive comment.

Addressing Urban Blight and Stalled Development

Concerns about urban blight and the stalled development of Oceanwide Plaza have triggered responses from the Mayor's office. However, legal constraints pose challenges for immediate action. The local community, tired of witnessing the dereliction for years, has taken matters into their own hands.


da"RON BURGUNDY" on the scene

The Conflicting Views: Art or Vandalism?

As the graffiti-covered high-rise gains international acclaim, conflicting viewpoints emerge regarding whether it constitutes art or vandalism. Some argue that the artists have revitalized a neglected space, contributing to the cultural richness of Downtown LA. Others contend that it undermines property rights and perpetuates a sense of lawlessness.

The Comments Section on NBCLA Youtube's video shows many viewpoints including these:

100 thousand people on streets ,children,Mom's , Dad's , and they have that huge building unfinished for the Rich????
Respect, that'll show the city whats up. Shouldnt have been abandoned for so long.
if its abandoned, it should be covered in art
At least they are not shooting people or murdering people. Looks to me that they are sending out resumes to help bring artistic design in it's final stages.
There's a difference between graffiti and art and that is definitely a masterpiece. 
If your headline writer believes that gang names spray painted on buildings are "art", then your headline writer is an example of the failure of our education system.
Trump wouldn't let this happen

In conclusion, the transformation of Oceanwide Plaza into a global art canvas highlights the power of creativity to reshape urban landscapes. While legal challenges persist, the community-led initiative underscores the desire for positive change and the importance of fostering art as a means of revitalization.

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