The Rise of TaiJinx in Drum & Bass

The Rise of TaiJinx in Drum & Bass

Introducing Taijinx

TaiJinx (aka Josh Sanders), born in 1996, is a prominent, younger figure in the Stateside Drum & Bass scene, hailing from Los Angeles, California. 

Driven by a personal affinity for dark, heavy, and high-energy Drum & Bass, TaiJinx embodies the essence of devoted and resolute artists, championing a potent and impactful style.

Label Affiliations:

TaiJinx is honored to be affiliated with three distinguished labels, including two prominent UK-based establishments. Notably, Neuroheadz UK, recognized as the Best Newcomer Label at the 2024 Drum and Bass Awards, stands as a testament to the label's rapid ascent within the industry. TaiJinx's association with Neuroheadz UK aligns with his pursuit of innovative sounds and underscores his humble contribution to the label's success.
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Musical Style:

As a Drum & Bass connoisseur, TaiJinx gravitates towards heavy-hitting and dark neuro, but is also always prepared with a diverse and ever-growing library, -as there is a time and place for everything. 


TaiJinx is the driving force behind North America's premier Neuro/Dark DnB event collective, #TeamNeuro. Through determination and collaboration, he has rallied talented artists worldwide to create a groundbreaking platform for the genre.


Early and current influences include renowned figures such as Jade (Eatbrain), Dieselboy, dela Moon, and Quadrant & Iris. Additionally, TaiJinx acknowledges his mentor and sound engineer, Neil Bartlett/Transforma, for shaping his musical journey.

Mission & Vision:

TaiJinx approaches his craft with an unbreakable spirit, constant energy, and enthusiasm, driven by his genuine love for Drum & Bass. His main goals include continuous learning, creative expression, hard work, and relentless progression, ensuring his enduring presence in the industry.


For bookings, collaborations, and inquiries, contact:
Social Media: TaiJinxDnB
TaiJinx is not just a DJ/Producer, but also visionary pushing the boundaries of Drum & Bass, igniting stages and captivating audiences worldwide.
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