Videographers / Photographers

Our Team is looking to work with Photographers and Videographers from anywhere in the world.  In the following Niches: Streetdance (B-Boy, B-Girl, Funk Styles, Popping, Locking, House Dancing, Krumping, Whacking & Freestyle dance) Hip-Hop, Drum N Bass, MC Battles, Graffiti, Skateboarding & BMX

  • Event Photo/Video Coverage- Would you like to see your work get more exposure?
  • Youtube: Join our team will work out fare compensation once our channel gets monitized
  • Other Ideas let us know.

Contact at :

colorwars - bboy clothing


Event By: Together We Stand & CAMPO
Location: CAMPO (Nieuwpoort 31/35 Gent)
Category: 4 versus 4
- Kid Karam ( Smac 19)
- Justen ( Hustle kidz)
- Lil Dani ( Malaganzters)
Host: Sam
DJ: Goss' one

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