Panic 39 Streetwear | Street Culture x Street Dance x Hip-Hop x Drum N Bass x Funk x House

Panic 39 Streetwear - Serving The Underground & Counterculture Established in 1999 in Southern California.
Your Number one source for Underground Gear If You're a B-Boy/B-Girl, Popper, Locker, Turfer, Emcee, DJ, Junglist, Whacker, Houser, Krumper, Graffiti Artist, Or just sick of the corporate Giants dictating to you what you should wear Panic 39 Clothing is for you. Streetwear should be from the streets not some Mass production facility. Support The Underground - Join The Movement!

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Panic 39 is B-Boy Clothing & much More!

Panic 39 Streetwear is known to be a serious Iconic B-Boy clothing brand that spans from generation to generation with deep roots in the Underground Hip-Hop Scene Which we feel Streetdance is a part of along with all the Hip-Hop Elements Including but not limited to Breakdancing , Graffiti, Emcing, Turntablism, & Beatboxing. B-boy clothing being known as Breakdancing clothing, we have also grown in other closely related genres and became know as Junglist Clothing or Drum N Bass Clothing. We are heavily involved in supporting all forms of Street Dancers including B-Boys, B-Girls, Funk Styles, Poppers, Lockers, Krumpers, Turfers, House Dancers, Freestyle Dancers, Whackers. and more. In the Mid 2000s Panic 39 started to pick up in a few of the Extreme Sports specifically BMX and Skateboarding.

Our streetwear selection includes Tank Tops as well as Hooded Sweatshirts & windbreakers. We also have a large selection of Womens gear as well.

Panic 39 Gear Uses its history in art to provide designs based in Graffiti, Tribal, Tattoo and mulit genre art.