OCDNB - MUSIC Drum N Bass- Santa Ana, CA


Another dope night at Lava Kitchen Bar With Merge Music's OC DNB Brought to you by SDF One and DJ Slimer. With A great vibe, Excellent Sets, Drink Specials, Free Giveaways from Panic 39 Streetwear, OCDNB was a night not to be missed. 

The Headliner AIRGLO Did not disappoint with a killer set that had Junglists bouncing off the walls. AIRGLO has ascended rapidly through his relentless, dedicated approach to live music. His motivation-fueled work ethic has resulted in his current position. From a young age, Airglo musical journey began in Eastern Europe. After finishing the world's most prestigious musical institutions, he set out to break into the ever-expanding electronic music industry and Drum N Bass. Airglo's sonic prowess is now a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Every composition is a result of his radical self-reflection, and his insatiable desire to explore the wide range of sonic possibilities of a soul-sinker. It has only just begun.

Backing up Airglo we had none other than the Dumbsteppaz, one of the most energetic and eclectic duos in West Coast Bass Music. Nazty and GZUZ started releasing Ragga Dubstep and Hyphy remixes in 2008, and their first official release was supported worldwide by DJs. They performed on the Bass Stage at Audiotistic and other events as well as local concerts such as Bassrush, Respect, L.A. Beatdown, and I Love L.A.. In 2010, they added Miz Hyjak, a vocalist to the collective. Since then, they have released a number of Drum and Bass tracks on multiple labels, as well as a mini Europe tour in the summer of 2018. Their latest release, the Decade of Dumb, which was released late in 2019, charted at 4 on the Dubstep/Grime charts! GZUZ and Stupidhead have reunited to form King Dumb, with PanDUMBic being released in early 2021. Dumb again!

Also dropping sets for the night were Local Southern California Favorites DJ's Mixfix,Rig, Freeman, Temponaut and Sandman. MC's for the night were Slim, One Mic, Ivan Jahn, and Team Panic's own WERD MC rocking his fresh Junglist Gear.

Thank you to everybody that came out and those that supported and got their new Drum N Bass Clothing. It is through your love and support that we keep going and producing new fresh gear. Panic 39  has been part of the Drum N Bass/ Junglist/ EDM Scenes since 1999 and We love to support the scene and appreciate what the scene does for us. Thank you to all of you that choose to Rock Underground Gear and not Mainstream Corporate Garbage. Be Sure to also support some of our fellow brands in the scene like DRUMZ Clothing, Uncommon Being, Junglist Movement, and Junglist Network.

Big Shout out to Merge Music ( Slimer and SDF1 ) for building the Orange County Drum and Bass Scene and giving it life. They have also both supported Panic 39 Streetwear Since the beginning, SDF 1 was one of our first customers at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, California When we were selling in the Parking Lot before we ever had a booth.



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