Speaker Choke - Las Vegas, Nevada - April 2024

Speaker Choke - Las Vegas, Nevada - April 2024


What happens when you mix legendary DJs, live art, and a passionate crowd in the heart of Las Vegas? You get an unforgettable night at Speaker Choke event held on April 13th, 2024. Let’s dive into the electrifying details of this epic event.


| Event Overview | | The Speaker Choke event, hosted at 18 Bin, brought together a fantastic lineup of performers from various corners of the music scene. The night promised a mix of Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, and UK Garage, ensuring there was something for every music lover. With the event kicking off at 9 PM and going strong until 2 AM, it was an evening packed with high-energy performances and unique experiences. |

Panic 39 - Drum N Bass / Junglist Collection (Click Here)

| Venue Details | | Located at 107 E. Charleston Blvd, Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV, 18 Bin provided the perfect setting for the event. The venue's spacious layout, coupled with its vibrant atmosphere, made it an ideal spot for the diverse musical acts and live art installations that filled the night. |

| Headliner Performance | | The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the headliner performance by The U.S. Legend Danny The WildChild. Hailing from Chicago and representing Lion Dub Records and Panic 39, Danny's set was a masterclass in Drum & Bass. His electrifying beats and seamless transitions had the crowd dancing nonstop. |



| The U.S. Legend Danny The WildChild | | Danny The WildChild's reputation as a powerhouse in the Drum & Bass scene was evident as he took to the stage. His high-energy performance was filled with intricate mixes that showcased his deep understanding and love for the genre. Fans were treated to an unforgettable experience as Danny delivered track after track of bass-heavy anthems. |

| Featured Performers | | The night was also graced by an impressive roster of talented artists, each bringing their unique style and energy to the stage. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout performances: |

| DJ Madam Filth: Sin City's Queen of Bass | | DJ Madam Filth, dubbed “Sin City’s Queen of Bass,” lived up to her title with a set that shook the dancefloor. As a member of Panic 39 and Koncrete Jungle LV, she brought a fierce and commanding presence to the decks, captivating the audience with her deep basslines and hypnotic rhythms. |


| Selekta Steel | | Representing MIA from Chicago, Selekta Steel brought his A-game to the event. His set was a seamless blend of classic and contemporary tracks that kept the energy levels high. His skillful mixing and intuitive track selection made for a dynamic performance that resonated with the crowd. |

| FX Logik | | FX Logik, associated with Dumb Safari and Panic 39, delivered a set that was both innovative and exhilarating. His eclectic mix of genres created a unique soundscape that took listeners on a musical journey, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present. |

| Prime Mover | | Prime Mover from KJLV and Rockers Dub added a touch of reggae vibes to the night with his signature sound. His ability to seamlessly blend reggae with Drum & Bass created a refreshing and uplifting set that stood out among the night’s performances. |

| Nicro | | As a member of Bassline Syndicate, Nicro brought heavy bass and high-energy beats to his set. His performance was a crowd favorite, with attendees vibing to his expertly crafted mix of tracks. Nicro's passion for music was palpable, making his set one of the most memorable of the night. |

| Razor Savvy | | Representing Speaker Choke, Razor Savvy's performance was a perfect embodiment of the event's spirit. His intense and dynamic set featured a mix of aggressive beats and intricate rhythms, captivating the audience from start to finish. |

| Drippy Drumz | | Drippy Drumz of Moon Fazed showcased his unique style with a set that blended atmospheric sounds with hard-hitting beats. His ability to create a captivating auditory experience was evident, as the crowd responded enthusiastically to his performance. |

| Digital Peach | | Digital Peach, also from Speaker Choke, brought a futuristic and experimental edge to the night. Her set featured a mix of electronic and bass-heavy tracks that pushed the boundaries of conventional Drum & Bass, offering a fresh and innovative listening experience. |

| Jane Doe | | Jane Doe of Gone Jah Men closed out the night with a powerful set that left a lasting impression. Her ability to connect with the crowd through her music was evident, as she delivered a performance filled with energy, passion, and undeniable talent. |

| Host of the Night | | MC Anti repping Panic 39 did a stellar job as the host for the evening. His charismatic presence and engaging interactions with the crowd kept the energy high and the audience entertained throughout the night. |

| Live Art Experience | | Adding a visual dimension to the event was live art by AR7. The artist's work provided a captivating backdrop to the musical performances, enhancing the overall atmosphere and creating a multi-sensory experience for attendees. |

| Music Genres Featured | | The event showcased a diverse range of music genres, including Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, and UK Garage. This eclectic mix ensured that there was something for everyone, regardless of their musical preferences. Each genre was represented by talented artists who brought their unique flair to the stage. |

| Event Atmosphere and Vibes | | The atmosphere at Speaker Choke was electric. From the moment the doors opened at 9 PM, the energy was palpable. The crowd was a vibrant mix of music lovers, each bringing their enthusiasm and passion for the genres on display. The venue's setup, with two areas of sound, allowed for a dynamic and immersive experience that kept the audience engaged throughout the night. |

| Audience Reactions | | The audience's reactions were a testament to the success of the event. Attendees were seen dancing, cheering, and fully immersed in the music. The performers fed off this energy, creating a positive feedback loop that elevated the entire experience. Fans took to social media to share their excitement, with many praising the event's organization and the quality of the performances. |

| Conclusion | | The Speaker Choke event at 18 Bin was a night to remember. With an incredible lineup of performers, a vibrant venue, and an enthusiastic crowd, it was a perfect celebration of Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, and UK Garage. The event showcased the best of the music scene and left attendees eagerly anticipating the next Speaker Choke gathering. |

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