OG Radiotron 39th Anniversary - Los Angeles, CA

OG Radiotron 39th Anniversary - Los Angeles, CA

OG Radiotron 39th Anniversary -

Macarthur Park - Los Angeles, CA

This is always a great event to attend, This event was full of Hip-Hop History and Legends. For those of you that dont know, The Radiotron was a Youth Center that first opened in 1983 to help get kids off the street using the 4 elements of Hip-Hop!

“When we say the word hip-hop, we are talking about, breaking (B-Boy), EMCeeing, graffiti writing, deejaying (Turntablism). These are called the the four core elements of hip-hop. The reason why we do breaking, emceeing, graffiti writing, deejaying is to cause peace, love, unity and safely having fun." -KRS One

West Coast Hip Hop History is so deep in this place where so many gathered including Ice T, Air Force Crew, Egyptian Lover and many more. Many scenes from the Breakin Movies were filmed in the Radiotron.

"The historic building was demolished long ago, but the legacy of the Hip Hop youth center prevailed in those kids. Thirty-eigth years later we gather to celebrate the anniversary of "Radiotron" and to learn the history of Hip Hop culture in L.A." - Radiotron Facebook Page 

This Years Radiotron 39th Anniversary Festival  - 

Hosted By: Carmelo Alvarez, Toquon Tha Mc & Ashley Alvarez Music Performances By : Toddy Tee The Batterram, Egyptian Lover ,2mex Omd, OG Sin Loc & Dany L Blackburn, Grand Official Kid Frost's DJ Soul Life, DJ Ralph M, DJ Haaze Air Force Crew, Boogaloo Shriimp AKA Turbo from the Breakin Movies, Mix Master D Subs & Eso Substance Abuse, Tha Union Station, Los Rieles, DJ Phantom G, DJ Gargamel, Las Bruxas Brew, MC Lelann, Poppin Pierre Time Bandits, Queen Boogaloo, OG Gizmo, B-Boy Stuntman Style Elements Crew, LA Breakers, BBoy Wilpower & DJ Hazze - OG Airforce Crew, Lil Coco & Hanna Pop, Floor Patrol, Utu Familia Mexicali, Bboy Iceman & Tgo Kru / Homeland, Burst Rock, Sprite, Gfree and the rest of the Funny Bones Crew, Ahli & Deya Phantom Poppers (OG Snapper, OG Mr Wicked, OG Magic, & Lil Puppet, Nikko Motion MZK Mighty Zulu Kings, B-Boy Don Homeland, STP Crew, Playboy Eddie & Many More MC's, Graffiti Artist Writters, B-Boys, Breakdancers, Poppers, Pop Lockers, Whackers, House Dancers, Hip Hop Dancers, Turntablists Special Guests!!!

Hope to see you next year


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