Perception 2022 - Los Angeles, CA USA

Perception 2022 - Los Angeles, CA USA

Perception 2022 was an event not to be missed, This Year Underground sound came strong with it. With thumping sound, amazing visuals, lazers, fog machines, unique stage/decor, and the sickest beats, from your favorite underground DJ's they had 2 rooms bumping at Ejagz Parallel Universe in Downtown LA with Drum N Bass for our Junglists along with House, Techno, Breakbeats, Progessive, Dubstep, Drumstep & tons of BIG BOOMIN' BASS that reverberated throughout the building all night long! Perception 2022 seemed like a blast from the past that will stay in our memories forever.


The atmosphere and dance floor was packed, it wasn't just a show but it was definitely an event! With so many people to watch, including Fire Dancers, and Hoopists. This event was great! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves from when the first beat dropped until the end of the night. The DJ's were on point, the stage setup worked perfectly, it was great to see who could pull off all of these different styles of music in one night. I highly recommend this event for anyone who is into electronic music or just wants to see someone else show you what they can do with all those different styles of music being played together in one place!

The Djs included The One and Only LA OG Thee-O, Mike Geometry, Lost Boy, Freeman, Wirdoe, Mustee, Darin Westcott, Randy Vission, Dier Times of Concrete Jungle Sessions LA, Kinetick, Rob Bass, Lowkey, Craver, Hrubian, Mix Phix, Bassman, Justin Love of Imaginary Friends. Blessing the Mic was Werd MC, JB MC, Dier Times, Chemdracula and More even Star Mina the Panic Princess Was in the house along with Karlee Jane and Satya.

The Junglists were definitely in the house and when that Drum N bass was bumping the MC's were steadily hyping up the crowd

 This event went till 5:30 AM and The DJ's , Emcees and the Sound were amazing, Overall Underground Sound created an awesome experience and I cant wait for the next one

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