Style Elements Crew 28th Anniversary - Los Angeles , CA

Style Elements Crew 28th Anniversary - Los Angeles , CA



Style Elements Anniversary Was Held in South Central Los Angeles this year just South of Downtown LA.  The day Started out with a kids battle, then a 3 vs 3 B--Boy Battle , and a Hype Soulebrity All Style Battle.

The  3vs3 Last One Standing B-Boy crew Battle was live, Some of the crews that entered were: Wandering Nations, Uncomfortably Fresh, Squishy Docious, Full Force, Lost N Found, Elusive Mindz, and  Furious LAB.

Dj Reflekshin from Furious Styles Crew, Was The DJ for the B-Boy Battle


- B-Boy Quali-D - Style ELemnts Crew

- B-Boy Artis - Furious Styles Crew

- B-Boy Crumbs - Style Elements Crew

Wondering Nations Took The Win!

*Soulebrity all style battle;
Miss Funk
SOULebrity was created by Flo-Ology in 2003. This is a gathering for dancers of all styles to share the cypher to an eclectic assortment of fresh beats (house, hip hop, breaks, funk, and much more).
The KEY however is ‘PARTICIPATION’. You can compete, but the point of Soulebrity is to have many circles, with everyone from non-competitive dancers to the audience getting down to great music and enjoying the vibe! To come to this event is to experience and enjoy this raw, thriving underground culture and community. All we need from you is your vibrancy!
The Cypher Battle Breakdown:
- There will be 3 competitive cyphers. Hosts = Judges.
- Invited hosts will inspire and dance with all contestants. After a one hour cypher 9 dancers will be selected.
- The top 9 will then dance in a final cypher.
- Each host will award $$$ to one of the finalist; therefore the possibility of 3 winners. If all 3 hosts select the same dancer, that dancer wins the full $$$!
Featuring Dancers: Charley Breaka, Mizuki Green, Chocolate Princess, Lily Breeze, Darth Flava - Squishy Docious, Hollywood, Pandora, LA Breakers and more...
 Congrats to Chocolate Princess for taking 1st and Lily Breeze for the second
Thank you to the whole Style Elements Crew


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