Full Force Anniversary - Las Vegas, NV - January, 28th 2024

Full Force Anniversary - Las Vegas, NV - January, 28th 2024


Welcome to the ultimate rundown of the Full Force Anniversary event that took place at the Ahern Luxury Boutique Hotel in the heart of Las Vegas. Imagine the vibrancy, the raw energy, and the sheer talent that unfolded on the evening of January 28th, 2024. Let's dive into what made this event not just another dance battle, but a landmark in the dance community.

Event Overview

The Full Force Anniversary was not just an event; it was a spectacle. From 4pm to 10pm, the air was charged with anticipation, excitement, and the spirit of competition. Dance battles took center stage, with participants and spectators alike drawn into the whirlwind of creativity and skill.

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Venue Highlights: Ahern Luxury Boutique Hotel

Nestled at 300 W. Sahara Ave., the Ahern Luxury Boutique Hotel provided an exquisite backdrop for the festivities. The venue elevated the event, offering both competitors and attendees an unforgettable experience.

The Heartbeat of the Event: Dance Battles

At the core of the celebration were the dance battles, a testament to the prowess and passion of the dance community.

2v2 Freestyle Battle

Judged by the esteemed Kid Rainen, Joe Stylezzz, and X-Plotion, the 2v2 Freestyle Battle was a showcase of raw talent and creativity. The final showdown between OUTLAWZ OF HAVOC and HYBRIDS CREW was a nail-biter, with Hybrids Crew clinching the win and the $800 prize.

5v5 Breaking Battle

This battle brought the intensity to a whole new level. With judges Roxrite, Quali-D, and B-Boy Morris scrutinizing every move, teams DNBWS and Breakin' Bad faced off in a breathtaking display of breaking. Breakin' Bad emerged victorious, taking home the $2,000 prize.

DNWBS members were: Bebo, Jihad, Denver, Somar, and Swazi

Breakin Bad Members were : Thesis, Jimmy, Adelight, Create, & Maka

Behind the Scenes: Organizers & Contributors

The event's success was no fluke. It was the result of meticulous planning and the hard work of many, including host MPArt, who ensured everything ran smoothly.

Spinning the Decks: DJ Lineup

The ambiance was set by DJs DJ BZLV/BZBEATS, Jay Dee HD, and TxMxSi, whose beats kept the energy high and the battles fierce.



Electrifying Guest Performance: DOTWAV

A special mention goes to DOTWAV, whose guest performance captivated everyone present, adding a layer of excitement to the event.

Main Exhibition Battle

The highlight for many was the exhibition battle between Amir and Roxrite. This clash of titans was more than just a battle; it was a narrative of determination, skill, and artistry.

Atmosphere & Audience Reception

The atmosphere was electric, with every beat, move, and moment resonating with the audience. The event wasn't just observed; it was felt, a celebration of dance that transcended competition.


Reflecting on the Full Force Anniversary, it's clear that this event was more than just a gathering; it was a milestone for the dance community. It celebrated not only the winners but the spirit, culture, and heart of dance.


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