Paws for a Cause - A Night of Jungle Beats and Feline Feats

Paws for a Cause - A Night of Jungle Beats and Feline Feats


"Paws for a Cause" returned to Los Angeles for its second edition, marking a significant moment for both music lovers and animal welfare enthusiasts. This unique event melded the pulsating energy of jungle music, drum & bass, and global bass with a heartfelt mission to support Rudeboy’s Cat Sanctuary, a haven for cats in need.

Paws for A Cause With Kenny Ken Flyer Los Angeles

The Venue and Atmosphere

9ThirtyLA buzzed with excitement as attendees filled the venue, ready for an immersive musical experience. The atmosphere was electric, with every corner of the space echoing the event's dual commitment to exceptional music and feline welfare.

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The Musical Journey

The night's lineup featured a mix of renowned DJs, including the legendary Kenny Ken, with his pioneering jungle beats. APX1, BC RYDAH, MR DEEDS, REID SPEED, ROXANNE, SCOOBA, SUDI, and ULTRA each brought their unique flair to the stage, creating a rich musical tapestry that ranged from 90 to 180 BPM. The eclectic mix of jungle music, drum & bass, footwork, and global bass ensured a night filled with dance, energy, and connection.

Kenny Ken at Paws For A Cause Los Angeles Ca
Kenny Ken

Supporting a Noble Cause

Beyond the beats, "Paws for a Cause" stood out for its commitment to Rudeboy’s Cat Sanctuary. The event not only raised awareness but also much-needed funds to provide shelter, medical care, and love to cats awaiting their forever homes. This integration of passion for music with animal welfare created a powerful and emotionally charged environment.




"Paws for a Cause" was more than just a night of music; it was a gathering that celebrated community, compassion, and the power of collective action. As attendees danced the night away, they were reminded of the impact their support had on the lives of countless felines. The event left a lasting impression, promising not only a future filled with more memorable nights of music and dance but also a brighter tomorrow for cats in need.

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