The World Of Drum & Bass - Brooklyn, New York - March 15th, 2024

The World Of Drum & Bass - Brooklyn, New York - March 15th, 2024


Introduction The World of Drum & Bass New York event recently held at Silo Brooklyn was a spectacle of sound and culture, perfectly embodying the spirit of both the music genre and the enthusiastic urban fashion showcased by Panic 39 clothing. This recap aims to give you a detailed glimpse into the night that was, from thumping beats to the dynamic display of streetwear.

Event Overview Taking place on March 15th, from 10 PM to 4 AM, the event was set in the rustic yet modern venue of Silo Brooklyn at 90 Scott Ave, painting the perfect backdrop for a night of intense musical experiences.

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Historical Context The World of Drum & Bass Tour, has continuously brought together a rich blend of veteran and new Drum N Bass DJs from across the globe. Since 2013, BP² has taken charge of the tour in NYC, consistently selecting unique venues to host these iconic events.

Venue Highlight: Silo Brooklyn Silo Brooklyn, known for its stunning industrial aesthetics, played host to this year's tour. Its selection highlights a move towards venues that offer both character and a tailored sound environment for drum & bass.




All Photos Courtesy of Luis Nieto Dickens @nietodickens


Lineup of DJs A formidable lineup graced the decks, including BAD COMPANY UK, Danny Byrd, Bladerunner, DJ SS, DJ PROFILE, AZPECT, and DJ PASSIVE. Each brought their unique flavor to the night, ensuring the crowd experienced a full spectrum of drum & bass.

Performances and Music The DJs spun a variety of tracks, from classic drum & bass anthems to fresh, experimental beats. Notable performances included Danny Byrd’s vibrant set, which included both new tracks and old favorites that had the Junglists going crazy..

Atmosphere and Audience The atmosphere was electric, with a packed venue filled with dedicated Junglists and newcomers alike, all swaying in unison to the relentless beats. 

Panic 39 Clothing at the Event Panic 39 clothing, synonymous with the drum & bass culture, featured prominently, with attendees sporting their latest Junglist and DNB designs. The brand received positive feedback for its bold graphics and comfortable fits, ideal for the energetic movements drum & bass events are known for.

Highlights of the Night Highlights included a seamless mix by Bladerunner, and the crowd's enthusiastic response to DJ SS’s tribute to drum & bass classics. These moments stood out as testament to the genre’s enduring appeal and the skill of its leading artists.

Audience Reviews Attendees of The World of Drum & Bass at SILO praised the event extensively. The high-quality sound system and the well-curated lineup received particular commendation, creating an unforgettable experience for the drum & bass community.

Organizational Insights Organizers, including BP², expressed satisfaction with the event's turnout and the positive reception of the venue choice and artist lineup. Looking forward, they plan to continue enhancing the experience, possibly incorporating more interactive elements and diverse musical acts to cater to the evolving tastes of their audience.

Conclusion The World of Drum & Bass event in New York was a resounding success, showcasing the enduring popularity and vibrant culture of drum & bass music. The collaboration with Panic 39 clothing added a fashionable flair to the event, resonating well with the community's style.

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