6Blocc - Cumbia Bass DJ SET

6Blocc - Cumbia Bass DJ SET

6Blocc AKA RAW AKA BBOY 3000 Cumbia Bass DJ Set. 


  Have a good listen to one of the DJ's That paved the way for West Coast Drum N Bass as well as Dub Step. An Innovator in the Scene, Was a DJ on the first ever Hip Hop Radio station, LA's own KDAY AM 1580. He was also a stage DJ for MC's like the Legendary Mix Master Spade and Kurtis Blow. With 100's of Albums under his belt and Has toured the world several time over spinning in just about every major city, 6BLOCC has definitely earned his legendary status.


MC Woes and 6BLOCC Organized Grime OC

MC Woes with 6BLOCC 


6BLOCC in the Panic39 Tag Logo Tee

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