Chase & Status Triumph at the Brit Awards

Chase & Status Triumph at the Brit Awards

Celebrating Drum N Bass Music Excellence: 

In the vibrant landscape of British music, few names resonate as profoundly as Chase & Status. This illustrious drum and bass duo, composed of the talented Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status), recently clinched the prestigious Brit Award for Producer of the Year, a testament to their enduring influence and innovation in the music industry. As they mark their 21st anniversary, Chase & Status's journey from underground pioneers to chart-topping maestros is a story of passion, resilience, and relentless creativity.

A Legacy of Hits and Collaborations

Since their inception in 2003, Chase & Status have carved a niche for themselves within the electronic music scene, blending the raw energy of drum and bass with the soulful undertones of dubstep and reggae. Their discography boasts an array of hits such as "End Credits," "Blind Faith," and "Count On Me," tracks that have not only dominated the charts but also defined the sound of a generation.

Their collaborative efforts are equally noteworthy, having worked with a diverse roster of artists from Rihanna to Snoop Dogg and Craig David. These partnerships have underscored their versatility and ability to transcend genres, making them a sought-after name in the production world.

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Chart-Topping Success and Streaming Milestones

Chase & Status's recent singles, "Disconnect" and "Baddadan," underscore their knack for crafting anthems that resonate with the masses. "Baddadan," a dancefloor filler, has enjoyed an impressive run on the charts, reaching the top five and marking its 29th consecutive week of popularity. On the other hand, "Disconnect," a collaboration with Becky Hill, has amassed a staggering 48 million streams in the UK alone, showcasing the duo's digital prowess and widespread appeal.

The Brit Awards: A Platform for Excellence

The Brit Awards, a cornerstone event in the UK music calendar, has long been a platform for recognizing and celebrating the contributions of artists across genres. Chase & Status's win as producers of the year is not just a personal milestone but a moment of recognition for drum and bass and electronic music within the mainstream music industry. Their upcoming performance at the Brits, alongside best dance act nominee Becky Hill, is highly anticipated and marks a celebration of British music's dynamism and diversity.

Beyond the Awards: Impact and Influence

Chase & Status's influence extends beyond chart success and accolades. They have been instrumental in flying the flag for British music, contributing significantly to its global appeal and innovation. Their work as producers has not only shaped their careers but also enriched the UK's musical tapestry, inspiring a new generation of artists and producers.

Their recognition at the Brit Awards underscores the duo's position at the forefront of the music scene, reflecting their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. As they continue to explore new sounds and collaborations, Chase & Status remain pivotal figures in the narrative of British music, embodying creativity, excellence, and a boundless passion for their craft.


As we celebrate the achievements of Chase & Status, their Brit Award win serves as a reminder of the power of music to unite, inspire, and innovate. Their journey from the underground circuits to the pinnacle of British music is a testament to their talent, dedication, and the enduring appeal of their sound. As they step into their next chapter, the duo continues to set the standard for quality, creativity, and influence in the music industry, ensuring their legacy will resonate for years to come.

Chase & Status's story is not just about music; it's about the heartbeat of a culture, the evolution of a genre, and the unyielding spirit of innovation. They are not just producers; they are architects of sound, sculpting the future of music with every beat.

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