How to Help the Dance Community In Ukraine

How to Help the Dance Community In Ukraine

As most of you know Russia attacked Ukraine and the devastation and horror it has caused to the civilian population in Ukraine which of course includes our Brothers and sisters in the Dance Community.

Our friends from The Legits have started The Legits Foundation to help dancers affected by the War. Located in Slovakia a neighboring country to Ukraine they are in a unique position to help. They are not only accepting donations and distributing them with transparency of to exactly where the funds are going they are also providing lists of resources for Ukrainian Refugees throughout Europe.



Here at Panic 39 We Released The Stand With Ukraine Tee, Which all profits were to go to the Legits Foundation. 

Our Friends at Bofresco also released a the Love Not Hate Tee to support Ukrainian Dancers via The Legits Foundation as well. You can Order at





If you want to support B-Boys, B-Girls and their families directly in the war-affected Ukraine, you can now do so via The Legits Foundation platform.

100% of the received money will be sent to those in need to cover basic costs such as food, shelters, medication and start up cash for those who make it outside of Ukraine.

We will consult with Ukrainian B-Boys and B-Girls (such as Intact, Kuzya, Killa Kim) to identify those in need.

If you want to support, please send your donations to:


The Legits Foundation
Account name: Blast, n.o.
Address: Astrova 17, 97401 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
IBAN: SK13 1100 0000 0029 4603 1114
Bank Name: TATRA BANKA, a. s.
Bank branch address: Hodzovo namestie 3, 850 05 Bratislava 55, Slovakia

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