India's Pioneering  CHAOS RECORDS, the First Indian EDM Record Label

India's Pioneering CHAOS RECORDS, the First Indian EDM Record Label

In an era where music transcends geographical boundaries, India introduces its first-ever Electronic Dance Music (EDM) record label, CHAOS RECORDS. This revolutionary initiative is set to redefine the music landscape by providing a unique platform for EDM artists in India, aiming to project their talents onto both national and international arenas.

A New Chapter in India's Music Industry

CHAOS RECORDS emerges as a beacon of innovation in the vibrant music culture of India. By embracing the rapidly growing popularity of EDM across the globe, the label seeks to tap into the immense potential of Indian talent, offering an unparalleled stage for artists to flourish. The label's commitment to fostering a community of creativity, innovation, and artistic expression marks a significant milestone in the evolution of India's music industry.

Strengthening the Foundation for Artists

In pursuit of excellence, CHAOS RECORDS collaborates with Global Independent Players, forging partnerships with leading global entities to ensure top-notch processing, artist growth, and expansive music distribution. Notably, the label's association with Symphonic Distribution ensures the presence of its artists' music on over 200 platforms and stores worldwide. This comprehensive support extends to proprietary technology, catalog management, monetization services, DSP playlist pitching, and unparalleled client support.

Furthermore, CHAOS RECORDS has simplified the path for artists to showcase their talent through a partnership with LabelRadar, making the demo submission process seamless and efficient.

Cultivating a Diverse Talent Pool

Embracing the multifaceted nature of EDM, CHAOS RECORDS is dedicated to curating a roster of artists that reflect the genre's diversity. From progressive house to techno, trance to dubstep, the label is a sanctuary for EDM aficionados, offering a spectrum of sub-genres to cater to the eclectic tastes of its audience.

Forging Global Collaborations

Understanding the power of collaboration, CHAOS RECORDS prioritizes international partnerships to offer its artists opportunities to work with global talents. This vision not only aims to elevate Indian artists on the world stage but also seeks to blend diverse musical influences, creating a rich tapestry of sound that transcends cultural barriers.

Artist-Centric Approach

At its core, CHAOS RECORDS operates with a philosophy centered around artists' well-being and growth. The label prides itself on its transparent contracts, artist development counseling, and career advice, ensuring a nurturing environment for artists to thrive.

Celebrating Success Stories: ARACHNE

The journey of CHAOS RECORDS began with ARACHNE, the label's inaugural artist, who has already made waves with tracks like 'Crimson Dunes' and 'Space Bound'. ARACHNE's commitment to exploring and expanding the EDM genre in India, coupled with an upcoming album featuring a blend of EDM sub-genres, underscores the label's mission to innovate and inspire.

Visionary Leadership

Behind CHAOS RECORDS is John SK, a visionary who sees the label as more than just a record label—it's a movement. John's passion for creativity, the process, and the inherent chaos of music is the driving force behind the label's pursuit to revolutionize EDM in India. His love for the beauty of music is a testament to the label's commitment to making a significant impact on the music scene.


CHAOS RECORDS stands as a pioneering force in the Indian music industry, setting a new standard for what is possible in the realm of EDM. Through its innovative partnerships, diverse artist roster, and unwavering commitment to artist development, CHAOS RECORDS is not just navigating the future of EDM in India—it's creating it.

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