DJ APX 1 The Platform Show hosted by Aaliyah Magcasi

The Platform Show Episode 4 Featuring DJ APX 1 of Ghetto Life / I Love LA

Unveiling LA's Jungle King - DJ APX1 on The Platform

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Platform, where we dive deep into the pulsating beats of the music scene. Hosted by the charismatic Aaliah Magcasi and skillfully produced and directed by Eddie Iniestra, this episode is set to be a game-changer.

The Platform Team

Behind the scenes, Allison Dobrea takes on the role of Floor Director, ensuring that every moment flows seamlessly. Before we unravel the exclusive interview with DJ APX1, let's take a moment to appreciate the dedication of this incredible team. Including Executive Producers: Eddie Iniestra & George Martinez.Camera Operators: Ashley Wong, Julie Ann & Isabella Fernandez Aguirre. Production Assistant : Allison Dobrea. Audio Technician: Dustin Lam. talent Liason & Writter Warren Myers. Original Music: Deejay Kaboom

Sponsors Recognition

A massive shoutout to the Platform sponsors - Panic 39, Koi Kitchen, Scape Music Group, and Hyperbolic Records. Each one is a vital contributor to the vibrant music culture we aim to showcase.

Panic 39 Drum N Bass / Junglist Collection (Click Here)

APX1: From Junglist Warrior to General

In this episode, Panic 39 and SCAPE Music bring you a true Junglist warrior turned General, DJ APX1. A pillar of the DnB & Jungle scene in LA and California, APX1 shares his journey, insights, and exclusive tracks that only he could deliver.

Journey as a DJ and Scene Supporter

APX1's journey as a DJ and supporter of the music scene has left an indelible mark. Explore how he became an integral part of the Southern California and global Drum and Bass community, leaving a legacy that resonates with every beat.

Check out DJ APX 1 Live At JOLT Drum N Bass at BART in Cathedral City / Coachella Valley, Ca

APX1's Exclusive Tracks

Pay close attention to the tunes! APX1 shares exclusive tracks that define his unique style. Only he could bring this level of energy to The Platform, making Episode 4 a must-watch for every Drum N Bass / EDM enthusiast.

Ghetto Life Brand

Discover more about APX1's Ghetto Life brand, a testament to his influence and impact. For a deeper connection, follow DJ APX1 on Instagram and Facebook.

Acknowledgment to The Platform Crew

A heartfelt thank you to The Platform crew who pours their love and labor into making each episode a reality. Behind the scenes, they work tirelessly to bring you the best in music entertainment.

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Stay connected with DJ APX1 on Instagram and Facebook. Follow the beats of SCAPE Music Group on Instagram.

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