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Unveiling the Drum and Bass Magic: Samstone x AKTIVE's 'My Favourite Game' ft. The Cardigans

Unveiling the Drum and Bass Magic: Samstone x AKTIVE's 'My Favourite Game' ft. The Cardigans


In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, the collaboration between rising UK DJ and producer Samstone and the formidable AKTIVE has birthed a transcendent masterpiece – 'My Favourite Game' ft. The Cardigans. This groundbreaking single, released via RCA Records UK, marks a paradigm shift in the drum and bass (DnB) genre, delivering a refreshing take on The Cardigans' iconic track. Premiered by UKF, this musical alchemy blends rolling percussion, atmospheric vocals, and a pulsating DnB bassline, redefining the boundaries of artistic expression.

The Sonic Alchemy

A Musical Metamorphosis

'My Favourite Game' isn't just a remix; it's a sonic metamorphosis. Samstone and AKTIVE have intricately woven the familiar fabric of The Cardigans' classic into an entirely new identity. The result is a track that not only pays homage to the original but propels it into uncharted territories of auditory bliss. The synergy between Samstone's versatile production and AKTIVE's prowess in drum and bass manipulation is evident in every beat.

Online Resonance

The release has set the digital sphere abuzz, amassing over 700k TikTok views and sparking fan speculations about the involvement of renowned artist Fred Again. The anticipation and excitement surrounding 'My Favourite Game' are palpable, hinting at the seismic impact this collaboration is poised to make in the music industry.

Behind the Scenes

Samstone's Artistic Odyssey

Samstone, an artist with limitless potential, has journeyed from humble beginnings of uploading mixes on SoundCloud to becoming a chart-topping sensation. His track 'Thumpy' not only pushed the sonic boundaries of DnB but also secured its place atop the charts, solidifying Samstone's position in both underground and mainstream music scenes. The stroke of genius to collaborate with The Cardigans in 2024 showcases Samstone's foresight and his ability to elevate familiar tunes to new heights.

AKTIVE's DnB Dominance

Shane Boyle, aka AKTIVE, emerges as a force in the world of DnB. Influenced by legends like The Prototypes and Sub Focus, AKTIVE's unique style seamlessly navigates the spectrum from dancefloor drum and bass to jump-up, featuring colossal riffs and intense drum patterns. With releases on prominent labels like 'DeVice' and support from industry heavyweights, AKTIVE's impact on the DnB scene is undeniable.

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Conclusion: A Symphony of Success

In a musical landscape saturated with mediocrity, 'My Favourite Game' ft. The Cardigans stands tall as a testament to the innovative prowess of Samstone and AKTIVE. The fusion of genres, the anticipation it has generated, and the sheer talent involved make this single a landmark achievement in contemporary electronic music. As it reverberates through the airwaves, 'My Favourite Game' becomes not just a song but a sonic journey, inviting audiences to experience the magic of musical evolution.

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