Panic 39, Rooted in all elements of underground hip hop, with the needto fill a void in what was available in the "Streetwear" scene, Which was mostly provided by corporate giants that did not have any "Street" in their wear, Panic 39 was born and Established in March of 1999, by People that actually lived that lifestyle.

We started to hit the streets and setting up booths at events throughout California. On Christmas day 1999 we set up our Booth at SP Magazines The Night Hip Hop Stole Christmas in Wilmington, CA and this is where we really started to get Recognized in the Underground Hip Hop Scene. Not long after that, We Were set up at B-Boy Summit 2000 in Pasadena, CA, Where we sold out of everything in the booth and we quickly became a force in the B-Boy/B-Girl & Popping Communities. By 2004 We started Traveling Across the US Starting With City Vs City in Chicago, and B-Boy Worlds Evolution 2 in Orlando Florida.

During these early years We also ended up in the Rave scene sorta by accident as most of the raves in California had a Hip Hop Room, but then we started getting Love From The Drum N Bass Heads, Junglists, Hardcore Heads, Housers, and even the Candy Kids. We were a staple at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, CA, The Orion Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, Go Ventures Events Monster Massive, Together As One along with EDC Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal, and Audiotistic. This is where we found our love for the Drum N Bass scene which had a lot of cross-over with The Underground Hip Hop Scene.

In 2015 We Expanded into Asia with an office in Shenzhen, China, and in Hong Kong with New Members of our Team (B-Boy E.T., B-Boy Fat Joe & Boms). Following into 2017, we expanded into Tokyo, Japan with our Panic 39 Japan Team Oz1k and Firme Elina

Everything was going great until Covid 19 happened in December of 2019 and we had to scale down our operations as many other businesses did as well and some, unfortunately ended up closing down.. Now in 2022 with your support and the support of all our followers, we are coming back strong and we hope not to only provide you with dope gear but also help support our Underground communities.
Thank you to all who have supported us, Helped us, and Rocked with us along the way....

colorwars - bboy clothing


Event By: Together We Stand & CAMPO
Location: CAMPO (Nieuwpoort 31/35 Gent)
Category: 4 versus 4
- Kid Karam ( Smac 19)
- Justen ( Hustle kidz)
- Lil Dani ( Malaganzters)
Host: Sam
DJ: Goss' one

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