AFA 2022 - The Gr818ers - Lanard Park, Canoga Park, CA

AFA 2022 - The Gr818ers - Lanard Park, Canoga Park, CA

A Family Affair 2022

Music - Dance - Art - Community


 AFA Festival is an annual Hip-Hop and Streetdance event which also has a car show and more held by the Gr818ers, The Awoke Foundation and Unite Cultural Center , who are based in Canoga Park, San Fernando Valley (818) CA. The 3 day festival ran from August 18th thru 20th, with different activities occurring every day This was also the 12th anniversary of the Gr818ers Which means 12 years of supporting the community.


The activities at this festival were plentiful. This included a watermelon eating contest, live musical performances, a 2 vs 2 open style dance battle, an underground hip hop performance by indigenous cats, a vendor village, a lowrider car show, and many other activities that entertained all ages. The vending village was abundant with food and drinks and was open all day and night. There was a open style dance battle on Frirday that went to the top 8 Then on Saturday the top 8 were paired up with 8 Invited dancers with  a chance to win cash prize.  The Indigenous cats did a powerful performance that definitely hyped up the crowd. 

Live Performances

The festival hosted a wide variety of Groups, Emcee's, Dancers and musical performers. The performances included  DJ Abel, Indigenous Cats, Mofak, Lilly Flor Y Los Compas, Oje., Original SSCO, DJ Yo Bee,Whacking LA, Love Crew, Beatbox Panda, Thunder One, LA Hustle Movement, Stephanie Soul, Robozilla, Kat Wolff , Finessed Car Club and more.

Open Style Dance Battles

The open style dance battles judged by Sheopatra, King Charles, & Beast. Hosted by Devious, DJ Rockswift and Koreanabbuljabar. With Poppers, Krumpers, House Dancers, B-Boys, B-Girls, Hip-Hop Dancer, Whackers and Freestyle Dancers entering this battle the competition was next level. The winners that made it to top 8 were then paird up with the invited guest. The Duos ended up being Dsoul & 8Miles, Dopey Fresh & Tyler, Rascal Randi and Live Sucker Free, Nazar and Crysstal, Danzel And Stage  Imani Black and Precise  The dance battle was a way to showcase different dancers and styles. The competition was fierce and the crowd loved the dance battles. All of the Dancers killed it I would not have wanted tto be a judge. The finals were between Kaio & Berry Groove versus CrysSTyle and Nazar whaic had to go to a Tie-Breaker with Kaio and Berry Groove barely taking the win as it was a very close battle. Congrats toeveryone that competed.

Indigenous Cats Performance: Underground Hip Hop

An underground hip hop performance by Indigenous cats was held on Saturday evening. Indigenous cats are a hip hop Duo ( Calmplx and Ina) based out of L.A. They performed a powerful set that definitely hyped up the crowd. The Indigenous cats in my opinion brought a fresh take to underground Hip Hop with a classic vibe. With DJ Roxswift of the Gr818ers.

Graffiti Art and Live Art

On Saturday at Lanard Park , Graffit walls were set up and The some dope artist came out to represent the LA and the Valley Including Saint, Her, Norm, Rita, Sloe, K2S, AD, The Love Crew, Desiboo Creations, Thundr One, Guadalupe Guiterrez, Erica Friend, Memory and more.


Lowrider Car & Bike Show

The Lowriders Were Deffinatly in the House... I Mean at the Park.  There were Impalas, Monte Carlos, Cadilac's , Bombs, Trokitas, Rivieras, Wagons, Lowrider Bikes and More, Colors Of Success, 818 Valleros Car Club, 8181 Valleros Bike Club, Finessed Car Club and more. Almost all were riding on "D's" and D's stands for Daytons by the way Dayton Wire Wheels are the Original D's.


A vendor village was set up for all attendees to browse and purchase various items. These vendors included Panic 39 Streetwear, Phat Caps,Wishful Thinking, Xico Station, Berry Fresh, The Real Juicery, Nino Does, Good Mood LA, Future Hope, Lune Blanca, Clavels Kitchen, Playoffs Outside By Chef, Golden Republic, Valley Writters, Cruiser Brand, Style For The Low, Daisy Carlene, Copper Pan Jams, Divine Dani, Tia Chuchas, Munching It, Mariscos El Barracuda, Birrieria El Patron and More There was a wide variety of items available to purchase, including vintage clothing and items, Spray Paint, skateboard decks and apparel, jewelry, snacks, and other items. 

Watermelon Eating Contest

Yes a watermelon eating contest did occurr lol but they have it every year. The contest involved contestants eating as much watermelon as they could in a certain amount of time. The contestants were given a watermelon  The contestants then ate the watermelon as fast as they could. The contestant who ate the most watermelon in a certain amount of time would win the watermelon eating contest.


The AFA Festival  was a fun-filled and entertaining community event that was open to all ages. This event occurred in Canoga Park, CA, and was hosted by the Gr818ers, Unite Cultural Center and The Awoke Foundation. This event was their annual festival, and it was definitely an event that was worth attending. The festival had a wide variety of activities and entertainment for all ages. It hosted live musical performances, a vendor village, 2 vs 2 open style dance battles,  underground hip hop performances, Graffiti Art, Live Art, Lowrider Car Show, Lowrider Bike Show and a watermelon eating contest. This event is one that is definitely worth attending and would be a great event for families. The Gr818ers shoed that Hip Hop and Streetdance is not only Alive and well but Flourishing in Los Angeles. Thank you to the whole Gr818ers orginization, andeveryone involved.