The World Of Drum And Bass - Philadelphia - 2024

The World Of Drum And Bass - Philadelphia - 2024

A Night of Beats and Culture: The World of Drum & Bass Tour at IHL Philly**

Introduction The beat dropped back into Philadelphia with a bass thump that could be felt city-wide as 3D Productions & Kulture Cru,  brought The World of Drum & Bass Tour to the heart of the city for a memorable night. IHL Philly, the chosen venue, proved once again why it's a favorite among event-goers, with its top-notch service and vibrant atmosphere.

Event Overview Date and Time Kicking off at 9 PM, IHL Philly quickly filled up with Junglists and eager fans and didn't wind down until the early morning hours at 4 AM, showcasing the city's love for late-night beats.

Panic 39 Drum N Bass / Junglist Collection (Click Here)

Venue : IHL Philly Located at 3861 Jasper St, IHL Philly is known for its excellent space and accommodating staff. Attendees were greeted by friendly bartenders and a well-managed setup that made the long hours of the event seem like a breeze.

The Collaboration Panic 39 Clothing didn't just show up; they turned up, adding a unique flair to the night with exclusive DNB related merch that resonated with the drum and bass culture, underscoring the seamless integration of fashion and music.

Headlining DJs The DJ lineup was nothing short of stellar. Veterans like Bladerunner and Danny Byrd spun tracks that reminded everyone why they're giants in the scene, while DJ SS and DJ Hybrid infused the night with a blend of classic and contemporary Drum N Bass rhythms. DJ Profile kept the energy high, ensuring there wasn't a dull moment.

Supporting DJs Emerging talents such as Azpect out of Canada and Primordial Archetype brought fresh energy, while Viberium, Nobi, and Noah Infinite showed that the local scene is bursting with talent that can hold its own on the big stage.

Performance Highlights Each set brought its own flavor, but it was the seamless transitions and the DJs' ability to read and respond to the crowd's energy that made the night unforgettable.



The MCs MC G1 and MC Dissidente didn't just host; they added to the narrative of the night, hyping up the crowd and bringing a personal touch to the performances, which made the event feel more intimate and explosive.


Vendor Spotlight: There were several local vendors including Rave Trap Shack with their unique offerings that catered perfectly to the rave culture. Their booth was a hit, with event-goers checking out their latest products.

Crowd and Atmosphere The crowd was a melting pot of energy and styles, reflecting the diverse appeal of drum and bass. From the first drop to the last, the atmosphere was electric, with attendees dancing non-stop, fully immersed in the experience.

Event Highlights The peak hours saw the venue at its fullest, with back-to-back sets that had everyone on their feet. The response to the DJs' solos was particularly enthusiastic, showcasing the deep connection between the performers and their audience.


Challenges Faced Despite a few hitches with sound levels earlier in the night, the technical team handled everything swiftly, ensuring that the party went on without a hitch.

Conclusion The World of Drum & Bass Tour at IHL Philly was a resounding success, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement and looking forward to what next year will bring. The combination of a great venue, top-tier DJ performances, and the unique touch of Panic 39 Clothing made this event a highlight of Philadelphia's music calendar..

Photos and Video Footage by: Greenish Photography