Pola & Bryson with Chris Karns - New Orleans, LA - Feb 11th 2024

Pola & Bryson with Chris Karns - New Orleans, LA - Feb 11th 2024

Event Overview: A Night with Pola & Bryson and Chris Karns in New Orleans


On a night when the vibrant energies of Mardi Gras were at their peak, Santos Bar at 1135 Decatur St, New Orleans, transformed into an electrifying hub of drum and bass, courtesy of the stellar ensemble of Pola & Bryson, Chris Karns, and a host of dynamic DJs and MCs. This event wasn't just a party; it was a musical journey meticulously orchestrated by NOLA DNB, Mississippi DNB, and Lacuna Productions, designed to captivate the souls of music lovers till the break of dawn.

Paola and Bryson with Chris Karns

The Heart of the French Quarter: Santos Bar

Tucked away in the lively streets of the French Quarter, Santos Bar stands as a testament to New Orleans' rich musical legacy. Its rustic exterior and intimate interior provided the perfect canvas for a night of unforgettable performances. The venue, known for its commitment to showcasing diverse musical talents, was buzzing with anticipation for what was touted as the drum and bass party of the year.

The Promoters Behind the Magic

The night's success was not just by chance; it was the result of the collaborative genius of NOLA DNB, Mississippi DNB, and Lacuna Productions. These promoters, each with a deep-rooted passion for drum and bass, came together to curate an event that celebrated the genre's pulsating rhythms and immersive beats, ensuring every attendee left with a story to tell.

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The Stellar Line-Up

Pola & Bryson: The UK's Finest

As ambassadors of the UK's drum and bass scene, Pola & Bryson took the stage with an aura of anticipation surrounding them. Their set was a masterclass in musical storytelling, weaving through tracks that showcased their signature sound—melodic, emotive, and undeniably powerful.

Chris Karns: Turntablism’s Virtuoso

Chris Karns, a titan in the world of turntablism, delivered a performance that was nothing short of spectacular. His skillful manipulation of the decks, combined with his ability to infuse each track with a unique flair, reaffirmed why he's celebrated as a WORLD DMC CHAMP and a 3x Thre3style Winner.

The Backbone of the Night: Supporting Acts

The event was elevated by a lineup of supporting acts that each brought their unique energy to the stage. Wake An Blake and 360 Degrees of Mississippi DNB delivered sets that were both invigorating and soul-stirring, perfectly setting the tone for the night. Coastill and Glassy Eye, as well as Brother Electric and BeeBe, showcased the depth and diversity of NOLA DNB's talent pool. DJ Nuclear Assault and Mike Geometry, alongside DJ Snuz Butt'n and Alixe Cooper, kept the energy high with their eclectic mixes. Monoxide rounded off the night with performance that left the crowd yearning for more. JB MC was on the Mic the whole night and kept the crowd Hype

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The Beats That Moved Us: Music and Performances

The night was a symphony of beats, with each performance adding to the crescendo that kept the crowd moving. From the deep basslines of Pola & Bryson to the turntable wizardry of Chris Karns, the music was a relentless force of energy and emotion. The supporting acts, with their diverse styles and infectious rhythms, contributed to a soundtrack that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of drum and bass.

The Street Dancers: Funny Bones Crew x Team Panic 39

Adding a visual spectacle to the auditory experience were the street dancers from Funny Bones Crew and Team Panic 39. Their movements were poetry in motion, perfectly synchronized with the beats, adding an extra layer of dynamism to the event. Dancers like Mic Warren, Sire, and Calypso stole the show with their popping and waacking, turning the dance floor into a battleground of style and finesse.

The Experience: From Dusk Till Dawn

From the moment the doors opened to the early hours of the morning, Santos Bar was a realm of its own. The music, the people, the atmosphere—it all combined to create an experience that transcended the ordinary. Attendees were not just spectators but active participants in a celebration that epitomized the essence of New Orleans' music scene.

Why This Event Was a Must-Attend

In a city known for its festivals and musical gatherings, this event stood out for its authenticity and focus on community. It was a testament to the power of drum and bass in bringing Junglists together, creating a space where the only language spoken was through rhythm and dance. During a time as festive as Mardi Gras, it provided an alternative haven for those seeking to lose themselves in the music.

Behind the Scenes: Organizing a Night to Remember

The seamless execution of the event was the result of months of planning and coordination. The promoters shared insights into the challenges of organizing such a large-scale event, from curating the perfect lineup to ensuring the venue captured the intended vibe. Their dedication to creating an immersive experience was evident in every detail, from the sound quality to the visual effects.

The Aftermath: Echoes of the Night

As dawn broke and the last notes faded away, the impact of the night was palpable. Social media was abuzz with testimonials from attendees, praising the DJs, the dancers, and the overall vibe of the event. It wasn't just a party; it was a moment in time that would be etched in the memories of all who were there.

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The event at Santos Bar was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of music, talent, and the indomitable spirit of New Orleans. Pola & Bryson, Chris Karns, and the myriad of talented DJs and JB MC created an experience that resonated with the soul of every attendee. It was a reminder of the power of music to unite, to inspire, and to create moments of pure joy.