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Bboy Crumbs Vol 1. "Brainstorm"

New Sealed DVD is loose inside case


On this solo DVD, Donnie "Crumbs" Counts presents a collage of highlights from his time as one of the most prominent Bboys. It spans from 1998 to 2002, and showcases his skills. This Dvd provides a rare look at Crumbs as he battles, performs breaking choreography, and participates in worldwide cyphers.

The Donnie "Crumbs" Counts - Solo Dvd contains a compilation of highlights that define Crumbs as one of the world's most prominent Bboys. The chronology of this solo Dvd extends from 1998 - 2002. This solo Dvd covers the most significant years of Crumbs' young career. Through worldwide cyphers, battles, and breaking choreography, you will see Crumbs' unique and powerful interpretation of Bboying.

Brainstorm Also Features World Class B-Boys:
Style Elements, Ken Swift, Zulu Gremlin, Mr. Wiggles, Flo Masta, Wicket, Crazy Legs, Doze, Easy Roc, Moy, Lil John, Ronnie, Benji, Rox Right, Ruen, Twix, Lil Rock

Length: 60 minutes

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