Fresh Anniversary - Fox Theatre - Pomona, Ca

Fresh Anniversary - Fox Theatre - Pomona, Ca

Fresh Anniversary 2011


Unveiling the Electrifying Spectacle: Fresh Anniversary 2011 at Fox Theatre, Pomona

The 6th edition of the exhilarating Fresh Anniversary took center stage at the illustrious Fox Theatre in Pomona, CA, marking a monumental weekend on April 1st and 2nd, 2011. This extraordinary celebration etched its name in the annals of revelry, hosting a kaleidoscope of musical genres across three dynamic areas.

Main Stage Extravaganza: Trance, House, Progressive, and Hard Dance Galore

The Main Stage served as a pulsating hub for aficionados of Trance, House, Progressive, and Hard Dance, featuring a stellar lineup that set the arena ablaze. The audience was enraptured by the electrifying performances of maestros such as Alex Morph, B-Rich, Umek, DBSTF D-Block & Stefan, Space Rockerz, Nrgizer, Nitrous Oxide, 7Skies, Kristina Sky, and Tom Stein. Each luminary unleashed a torrent of beats, enthralling the crowd and leaving an indelible imprint of sonic excellence.

Area 2: Drum N Bass, Dubstep & Drumstep Delirium

Area 2 resonated with the resonant beats of Drum N Bass, Dubstep, and Drumstep, featuring a lineup that elevated the adrenaline. Audiences delved into the musical wizardry of Jrabbit, Hulkstep, Callide, Dub Foundation, Inspector Dubplate, Ego Thieves, Dirty Deeds, Danny Thunderz, Kaydence, and Ill Defined. The fusion of rhythmic mastery and pulsating basslines kept the energy soaring, making it an unmissable experience for enthusiasts.

Area 3: House Music Extravaganza Throughout the Nights

Area 3 was a haven for House music enthusiasts, a perpetual journey through rhythmic euphoria that persisted across both nights. The sonic voyage was helmed by virtuosos including DJ Flash, Nathan Phillips, Nrgizer, Tonic, Deester, Dirty Talk, Ryan Core, and Apollo. Each artist curated an immersive sonic experience, ensuring that the rhythm resonated through every soul present.

The Fresh Anniversary 2011 at Fox Theatre in Pomona emerged as a crescendo of musical prowess, an unforgettable saga that united diverse musical realms under one resounding celebration. The fusion of genres, the mastery of artists, and the pulsating energy of the audience converged to craft an experience that transcended the ordinary, etching its legacy in the realm of monumental celebrations.