Blondie's Rapture and its Significance in Hip Hop History

Blondie's Rapture and its Significance in Hip Hop History

Today on Jan, 12th 1981 Blondie Released the Single Rapture


Blondie, a band known for its eclectic musical style, left an indelible mark on the music scene with their hit track, "Rapture." In this blog, we go into the evolution of Blondie's music, the unprecedented fusion found in Rapture, and the song's lasting impact on the hip hop genre.

Blondie's Evolution in Music:

Blondie's journey began in the punk rock music scene, but their music changed over time. The band's willingness to explore different genres set the stage for their groundbreaking venture into hip hop with the song Rapture.

Rapture's Unique Fusion:

"Rapture" marked a turning point in Blondie's discography, introducing an a fusion of rock and hip hop elements. The song not only showcased Debbie Harry's vocal prowess but also featured her unexpectedly impressive rhyme skills.

Debbie Harry's Rhyme Skills:

Debbie Harry's foray into rap within the song was a revelation. Her smooth and confident delivery challenged preconceptions and demonstrated the band's willingness to experiment, garnering attention and admiration within the music industry.

Rapture's Cultural Impact:

The cultural impact of Rapture cannot be overstated. The song bridged the gap between rock and hip hop, influencing a generation of artists who would go on to reshape the hip hop landscape. It played a pivotal role in breaking racial and genre barriers.

Sampling and Remix Culture:

The influence of Rapture extended into the realm of sampling and remix culture. Hip hop artists embraced the song, incorporating its beats and lyrics into their own creations. This phenomenon marked the beginning of a transformative era in hip hop production.

Blondie's Contribution to Hip Hop's Acceptance:

Blondie's openness to collaboration, particularly with Fab Five Freddy, played a crucial role in hip hop's journey to mainstream acceptance. The blending of diverse musical styles helped break down stereotypes and build bridges between communities.

Criticism and Controversies:

Despite its success, Rapture faced criticism and controversies. Analyzing these in the context of the time provides valuable insights into the socio-cultural landscape, shedding light on the challenges Blondie faced.

Legacy Beyond Music:

Blondie's impact extends beyond the realm of music. Their influence on the cultural landscape, marked by innovation and a willingness to challenge norms, continues to reverberate through the years. Rapture remains a cultural touchstone.

Blondie's Relevance Today:

In a landscape saturated with new sounds, Blondie and Rapture maintain their relevance. The song's enduring influence can be heard in the work of modern hip hop artists who continue to draw inspiration from this iconic fusion. such as KRS-One with "Step into a World (Rapture's Delight) where he sampled Debbie Harry's Voice from The Blondie version of Rapture

 Other Songs that sampled Blondies Rapture Include:

Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels of Steel (sample Starts at 0:10) 1981

Foxy Brown Featuring Jay Z - I'll Be Remix (Sample Starts at 0:17) 1997

And of Course The Soldier Boy Guest Appearance on Solid Gold

Rapture's Chart Success:

Analyzing Rapture's chart performance reveals its lasting impact. Billboard rankings and long-term success on various charts underscore the song's popularity and enduring appeal.

Rapture's Music Video Impact:

The music video for Rapture was as innovative as the song itself. Its unique approach to visual storytelling set a precedent for future music videos, contributing to the evolution of this art form within the music industry. It included Graffiti Artist LEE  & Fab 5 Freddy, Jean-Michel Basquiat as a DJ and William Barnes aka Voodoo God or The Man from Mars. It was the first video with any Hip Hop to go on MTV it wasnt for another 3 years that MTV played RUN DMC's Rock Box video.



Blondie's Rapture journey is a testament to the power of musical experimentation. From its early days in punk rock to the unexpected fusion with hip hop, Blondie challenged norms and contributed to the evolution of music, leaving an enduring legacy.