Movement Detroit 2024 Lineup Teaser Unveiled: A Sneak Peek into EDM's Finest Gathering

Movement Detroit 2024 Lineup Teaser Unveiled: A Sneak Peek into EDM's Finest Gathering

Movement Detroit 2024 Lineup Teaser Unveiled: A Sneak Peek into EDM's Finest Gathering


The anticipation is building as Movement Music Festival unveils a tantalizing glimpse into its 2024 lineup. Detroit, the pulsating heart of EDM music, is set to host three days of sonic brilliance on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27, 2024) at the iconic Hart Plaza along downtown Detroit’s mesmerizing riverfront.

A Diverse Palette of Musical Mastery

Curating Excellence

Movement Festival consistently sets the stage for a captivating experience, showcasing a meticulously curated selection of dance music’s finest. The 2024 lineup teaser is no exception, offering a taste of the extensive programming that awaits attendees. The festival remains a testament to the rich tapestry of electronic music, featuring a blend of seasoned veterans, underground legends, and emerging talents.

Unveiling Notable Performers

James Blake - Elevating the Atmosphere

The award-winning artist and producer James Blake make a remarkable debut with a captivating DJ Set. His inclusion adds a layer of sophistication to the festival's musical palette.

Idris Elba and Kevin Saunderson - A Legendary Collaboration

Acclaimed British actor and DJ Idris Elba joins forces with Detroit Techno legend Kevin Saunderson for a unique b2b set, promising a memorable fusion of talents.

Solomun and I Hate Models - International Flair

German-Bosnian superstar DJ Solomun and enigmatic French producer I Hate Models bring their distinct sounds to Movement, adding an international flair to the lineup.

Movement Detroit

LP Giobbi and Indira Paganotto - Emerging Talents

Austin-based producer and FEMME HOUSE founder LP Giobbi, along with Spanish Psytrance icon Indira Paganotto, represent the exciting wave of emerging talents gracing the festival.

Goldie (Live Band) and 999999999 - Sonic Explorations

Drum & Bass luminary Goldie presents a unique live set with a live band, promising a sonic journey. Italian hard Techno duo 999999999 adds a dose of intensity to the musical exploration.

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Honey Dijon and Gorgon City - House Dominance

Revered House music icon Honey Dijon and UK powerhouse duo Gorgon City ensure that the festival's House music offerings are nothing short of spectacular.

Floating Points and Sama’ Abdulhadi - Genre Defiance

Acclaimed British composer Floating Points and Palestinian global Techno sensation Sama’ Abdulhadi push the boundaries of genres, promising an avant-garde musical experience.

Joseph Capriati and Skream - Techno Prowess

Italian Techno maestro Joseph Capriati, UK electronic music pioneer Skream, and Detroit Techno icon DJ Minx collectively showcase the festival's dedication to Techno mastery.

Gorgon City and Mount Kimbie - Eclectic Soundscapes

UK powerhouse duo Gorgon City returns for another stellar performance, while Warp Records mainstays Mount Kimbie contribute to the festival's diverse sonic landscapes.

Full Lineup Teaser and Ticket Information

Explore the complete lineup teaser below, and mark your calendars as the full lineup will be unveiled sooner than you think! Secure your spot at Movement Music Festival 2024 by purchasing tickets now at

In conclusion, Movement Music Festival 2024 promises an unparalleled celebration of Techno's finest, with a lineup that transcends boundaries and sets the stage for an unforgettable Memorial Day Weekend. Secure your tickets now and come to Detroit for a musical journey like no other.