Sep 2022

Multi-Genre Events

Sep 1-4 - The World Battle 2022 World Finals - Porto, Portugal

Sep 1-4 - JOAT Festival Battles - Montreal, QC, Canada

Sep 3 - Spitfire Contest - Marina Di Ravenna, Italy

Sep 3-4 - World Supremecy Battlegrounds - Philippine Qualifiers - Bulacan, PH 

Sep 4 - My House Is Your House - Soul Power cypher - Hip-Hop fest. - Chicago, Il USA

Sep 8 - Battle Grounds - Open Styles and B-Boy battles - Dallas, TX USA

Sep 17 - Foco Flava - Volume 6 - Show Your Moves - Ft Collins, CO USA

Sep 17-18 - United Session 2022 - Wloclawek, Poland

Sep 23-25 - Queen16 Festival 2022 - Berlin , Germany


B-Boy / Breakdancing Events

Sep 3 - Corner Jam - Leipzig, Germany

Sep 3 - Spicy Jam - La Villette, France

Sep 3 - Battle De Bourg - Bourg En Bresse, France

Sep 3 - Nordic Break League - World Finals - Copenhagen, Denmark

Sep 4 - King Of Town 2022 - Arezzo, Italy

Sep 4 - WDSF BFG Chalenge Series Breakdancing - Montreal, QC Canada

Sep 10 - Adriatic Beach Contest - Roseto Degli Abruzzi, Italy

Sep 17 - Jam Costa Escondida - Puerto Escondido OAX. Mexico

Sep 17 - Welcome To The Cypher NOHH Park Jam - Arcueil, France

Sep 17 - Battle Of Sun - Saint-Louis, France

Sep 17 - Move N Culture Festival - B-Boy/B-Girl Battles - Halle, Germany

Sep 24-25 - BBOY CITY XXVII (28) - Austin, TX , USA

Sep 25 - Out Of Control 2022 - Munchen, Germany


Funk Styles / Popping / Locking / Krumping / Whacking Events

Sep 3 - City Building - Open Styles Battle - Carson, CA USA

Sep 10 - Rumble In The Jungle 2 - Riverside, CA USA


Drum N Bass / Jungle / Dub Step / EDM Events

Sep 1 - Respect Drum N Bass - Bachelors Of Science - Hollywood, CA

Sep 2 - Merge - Mob Tactics UK - DNB and Dub Step - Huntington Beach, CA USA

Sep 3- Gest Invites - Icicle - Drum N Bass - Berlin, Germany

Sep 8 - Respect Drum N Bass - Dieselboy - Hollywood, CA USA

Sep 9 - Optimal Bass x Circle Park - Anderlecht, Belgium

Sep 9 - Skeptical & SP:MC Drum N Bass Showdown - Miolton Keynes, UK

Sep 12 - Merge 12 Year Anniversary - Ray Keith UK - Huntington Beach, CA USA

Sep 13 - School Night - Philth - Indianapolis, IN USA

Sep 15 - Respect Drum N Bass - Commix - Hollywood, CA USA

Sep 22 - Respect Drum N Bass - The Upbeats - Hollywood, CA USA

Sep 22 - Strictly Drum N Bass lll - Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Sep 24 - Bounce 2.0 - Drum N Bass - Monthly - Austin, TX USA

Sep 29 - Respect Drum N Bass - I Love LA Takeover - APX1 - Hollywood, CA USA


RESPECT Thursdays - Los Angeles 

Respect Thursdays Drum N Bass

Sep 1 - Within This Moment LP Tour

Bachelors of Science, Piest , Machete with MC Slim

Sep 8 

Dieselboy,, Dropset, Noface with MC Dino

Sep 15 

Commix, Flaco, Clutch with Chemistry MC

Sep 22

The Upbeats, Wraith, Scooba, Whiskey Pete

Sep 29 - I Love LA Takeover

APX1 , Iray, Tankdubz, Drone, with MC Jtec

Location: Station 1640 - 1640 N. Caheunga Blvd., Hollywood, Ca

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SEP 1-4 - Joat Festival Battles

Joat Festival Battles

Sep 1st - Breaking
Sep 2nd - Hip-Hop
Sep 3rd - Popping
Montreal, QC, Canada
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 SEP 1-4 - The World Battle 2022 World Finals

World Battle

Commentator - Admir

Sep 1 -

11:00 - Breaking Workshop with B-Boy Kid Glyde - Dynamic Rockers

12:00 - Breaking Workshop with B-Boy Bojin

13:00 - Breaking Workshop with B-Boy Kleju

15:00 - Call Out Cypher - Last Man Standing

15:45 - Hip-Hop

16:30 - Locking

17:15 - Popping

18:00 - Concept Battle by Bruce Almighty - Judged by Nastya, XXL, DJ Scream, Kid Glyde

22:00 - Opening Party with DJs Scream and Julnako

Sep 2 -

MXM Art Center - Porto

11:00 - Breaking Workshop with B-Boy Poe One - Style Elements Crew

13:00 - Breaking Workshop with B-Boy Skim

20:00 - 2on2 Power Battle Judged by Lagaet, B-Boy Sweet Lu, & XXL

Dj One Up, Hosted by Sambo

Praia Internacional do Porto

15:00 - 3on3 Open Styles

Judged by- Bruce Almighty, Antoinette and XXL

DJ Julnako Hosted by Bruce Blanchard

17:00 - Bonnie and Clyde Battle

Judged by Aslan, Nadia, Sweet Lu

DJ Scream Hosted by Admir

18:00 - 1on1 Top Rock Battle

Judged by Nadia, Poe One, Max  DJ Scream Host: Admir

18:00 - 1on1 Footwork Battle

Judged by Bojin, Kid Glyde, Mg  DJ Scream  Hosted by Sambo


22:30 - Heineken Party

with DJ Bruce Blanchard and DJ: Kid David


Sep 3 -

MXM Art Center Porto

10:00 - Breaking Workshop With Aslan

11:00 - House Dance Workshop with Antoinette

12:00 - Breking Workshop with B-Boy Katsu One

13:00 - Breaking Workshop with B-Girl Nadia

Hard Club (Porto)

12:00 -  2on2 Experimental 

Judged by Hugo Marmelada, Bruce, Isabel Barros

DJ Nobunaga Host: Abreu

15:00 | Preselections

1on1 B-girl Battle

Hosted by Mix - DJ One Up and DJ Godzi 

1on1 B-boy Battle

Hosted by Sambo - DJ One Up and DJ Godzi 

1on1 Kids battle

16:30 - Pre-selections

5on5 Crew battle

Top 16 - DJ Nobunaga and DJ Scream

5on5 Top Styles only Judges: Bruce Blanchard, P-Lock, Antoinette

Hosted by Abreu, Fausto - DJ Julnako

18:30 - Preselections -Top 32

1on1 B-boy Battle (Top 32)  Judged by: Poe One,Aslan, Skim, Katsu, Nadia, Bojin, Kid Glyde

Hosted:by Mg, Sambo

DJ Scream, DJ Nobunaga, DJ Godzi, DJ One Up

1on1 Kids Battle 

20:00 - Preselections -Top 16

1vs1 Bgirls (Top 16) 

Hosted by Mg, Sambo

Judged by: Nadia, Bojin, Aslan, Skim, Katsu, Poe One, Kid Glyde

DJ Scream, DJ One Up, DJ Nobunaga, DJ Godz

5vs5 Top Styles only


21:30 - 7 To Smoke Inventational Only

Invites - Lee, Phil wizard, Grom, Mini Joe, Twister, Deeogo, Winnie, Ratin Judged by Bruce Almighty, B-boy Nasty Ray, B-Boy Kleju

DJ Plash1 Hosted by Max

Hard Rock Café Porto

23:30 Main After Party

DJ Plash1, DL Julnako, DJ Nobunaga, DJ Godzi


Sep 4 -

MXM Center 

10:00 - Locking Workshop With P.Lock

11:00 - Breaking Worksho With B-Boy Kid David

12:00 - Hip-Hop Workshop with Bruce Blanchard

Coliseu Porto Ageas Porto

16:30 - Top 8 and Semifinals

1on1 Kids battle - DJ One Up

1on1 Bgirl battle - DJ Scream, DJ Godzi

1on1 Bboy battle - DJ Nobunaga

5on5 Top Styles only - DJ Julnako

5on5 Bboy Crew Battle  - DJ Scream and DJ Nobunaga

17:30 - Triangular Madness -Bruce Almighty, Kleju, Nasty Ray

Funk You - the band

19:00 - Judges Showcase

19:30 - Finals

1on1 Kids - DJ Scream

5on5 Top Styles only - DJ One Up

1on1 Bboy Battle - DJ Nobunaga

1vs1 Bgirl Battle - DJ Julnako

5vs5 Breaking - DJ Godzi, DJ Nobunaga

20:30  Awards

21:30 | Closing doors


21:30 - Closing Party - DJ Godzi, DJ Pulso, DJ Julnako

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Sep 2 - Merge - Mob Tactics UK

Sep 2 - Merge - Mob Tactics UK

Merge Music Presents

Straight from Gloucestershire, United Kingdom MOB TACTICS from Ram Records and Eatbrain. Also performing will be DJ Slimer, Mr Deeds, Wraith, Taijnx,Ahkur,Wavhart, Wraith, Bemm, Sour and blessing the Mic WERD MC, SLIM J-Tec, Ivan Jahn, One Mic and Chemistry

held at the Multi Level Circle OC with 2 area, 2 bars, Smoking Patio.

8901 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA

Panic 39n Streetwear will be in the building with all your Drum N Bass Clothing and Gear

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SEP 3 - Battle De Bourg

Battle De Bourg

2on2 B-Boy Battles Seniors and Juniors
DJ Greezly
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse, France
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SEP 3 - Nordic Break League 2022 - World Finals

Nordic Break League

International 2on2 Breaking Battle

Judged by - B-Boy  Victor - Squadron, B-Boy Tony Rock - Top 9, B-Boy Shane - Hustle Kidz

DJ's - Khanfu - MDK, Ali.Kabali, B-Ros - Furious Styles Crew

Blacc El - Familia Loca - Host

Crew Invites:

Kid Mario & Samuka - France & Brazil
Renegade Rockers - USA
Navi Crew - Ukraine
Rockerz Delight Kru - France

Team First Class - Worldwide
Red Bull Bc One Allstars
Coolkidz Mob - Poland

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 SEP 3 - Spicy Jam - La Villette

Spicy Jam La Villette

Presented by Maison Du Hip Hop

3 on 3 Breakdancing Battle for 1050 Euros

Judges - Diggy Day, John Smith, Magnum

DJ Loony

Grande halle de la Villette, France

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SEP 3 - City Building - Open Style Battle

City building Open Style Battle

 Presented by Carson Session 

2on2 Open Style Battle for $400 & Prizes

- Judged by Sunny D Lock, Drowzy and Butter

1on1 Open Style Youth Battle - Must be Sixteen or under for $100 and Prizes

- Judged by B-Girl Sel & Childish

DJs Bishop and Tinman

12Noon to 6pm

Vetrans Sports Complex

22400 Moneta Ave, Carson, CA, 90745

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Sep 3- Gest Invites - Icicle - Drum N Bass

Sep 3- Gest Invites - Icicle - Drum N Bass

Lineup: Icicle - Vision Recordings, Survey - Humanoid & Dispatch Recordings, Gest - Shogun Audio, High There - Darkside Recordings, Upzet - Scientific & Void Club, K3lt - Shrouded, Aynaet - Void Club.
Located at the Historic Suicide Club Berlin
SCB - Warschauer Bruke, Berlin, Germany

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  Sep 3 - Corner Jam

Corner Jam Germany

3on3 Breakdancing Battle

Judged by:

B-Boy Aleks - Flowjob

B-Boy Jerry - Since Crew

B-Boy Yello Cat - B-Boy Trip, Jimakeno

DJ Bijan

Hosted by B-Girl Steelish

Leipzig, Germany

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SEP 3 - Spitfire Contest 2022

Spitfire Contest

IX Anniversary of the SPITFIRE CONTEST

event in memory of "Alessio SPITFIRE Lunardini"

Saturday 3 September 2022 at the Marina Bay The day will include Free Workshops in the morning for those who want to get closer to Breaking and Hip Hop:

NastyDen (Breaking) 10.00-11.00

Sésé (Hip Hop) 11.00-12.00

Registration Opening Contest on site:

13.30-14.30 Under 16 Breaking and BGirl

14.30-15.30 3vs3 Breakign Open

15.30-16.30 2vs2 MixStyle

At 21.00 will be the start with the "Cosmic Healing Mantras" Fertile Floor show. Following the semifinals and finals of the 4 live categories of the Dumbass

Free entry Contest participation 1 category 15 € - 2 categories 20 € U16

prize Breaking: Targa WildCard Chech the Style 2023 prize money

BGirl Prize: Targa WildCard Chech the Style 2023 prize money

Prize 3vs3 Breaking Open: Targa prize money

2vs2 MixStyle: Targa prize money


For More Info:

SEP 3-4  Philipines Regional Qualifier

Philipne Regional Qualifiers

SEP 3 - BULACAN (North Luzon and NCR Qualifier) Philipines National Finals 
  • No Limits on qualifiers, Dancers may now compete in multiple divisions and in all qualifiers
  • New Monster Youth Crew Div. Must be under 1 years old
  • All Div. 5 Crews or dancer Minimum to be in the event
  • Monster Crews may have 10 but no more than forty members max
  • Youth and open crew div may have 4 but no more than 20 Crew members

Principle Divisions

  • Battles - BG1 One verse one
  • Open - Monster, Solo, Open, Cell or Hotshots 4 to 6 Dancers Max
  • Youth - Var no older than 18, TOung Guns 15 or under and Juniors no older than 12

Registration Link :

Sep 4 - My House Is Your House - Soul Power cypher - Hip-Hop Festival

Sep 4 - My House Is Your House - Soul Power cypher - Hip-Hop fest.

 Free Event

Event Hosts Bravemonk and D-Roc | DJ Kin Solo

With Vanessa Stokes, Microphone Misfits, Just Cause Dance Team, BraveSoul Movement, Ground Rhythm,Divine Quest Dance Team, Chi-Buck Crew, Loretta Hopkins-Firekeeper, Austin Safety Action Plan

Open Styles 1 on 1 Battles Judged by Lady Ice, QVIP, Ayala

Youth Battle

Exhibition Battles

BBoy - Bochi against Ayala

Footwork - Weezy Against QVIP

Location: Popcourts on the corner of Lockwood and Chicago Avenue

For More Info:

Sep 4 - King Of Town

King Of Town

In a moment like this where the great breaking events seem to have taken the monopoly, the King Of Town returns, increasingly convinced of preserving the true Underground spirit characteristic of this culture, with its fifth edition. From 2018 to today, each edition is characterized by its 1vs1 Open formula "On The Boom-Bap" regardless of age; from the Hip-Hop sounds (With the best local DJ's) and from the incredible location that is Il Parco di Villa Severi in Arezzo. Everything will start at 15:00 with free admission to the public. Mark your calendar on Sunday 4th September and bring with you as many positive vibes for the B-Boys who will compete on that afternoon of fire. Do not miss it, we are waiting for you!

1 on 1 Open Breaking Battle

Judged by:

B-Boy Sdido - Flexible Flave Crew

B-Boy Fabio - Fluido Team

B-Boy Flag - Flash Kidz

Mr Ceks

Hosted by Nappyroots

More Info:


 Sep 4 - WDSF BFG Chalenge Series 

wdsf Breaking for gold

World DanceSport Federation Chalenge Breaking 

By Evenements M3 Distrix Festival

Breaking For Gold $7000 CDN Prize

1 on 1 Adult BBoy

1 on 1 Adult BGirl

With Renegade, Mary Fogarty, DR. Step, DJ Benny Lava, B-Girl Taya, B-Boy Lazy Legs, Gombi, B-Boy Omar, Bruce Wayne

Montreal, Quebec Canada

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 Sep 8 - Battle Grounds

Battle Grounds Texas

Presented by Ruins and Too Fresh

1 0n 1 Open Styles Battle

1 on 1 B-Boy / B-Girl Battle

21 and over - Free Event - Battle Entry fee $10

Ruins Bar

2653 Commerce, Dallas, TX

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Sep 9 - Skeptical & SP:MC Drum N Bass Showdown

skeptical drum n bass

Line Up

Skeptical, SP:MC, Paul T, Edward Oberon, Carasel, Mistik Plus, Shylo/Kool London, Jazzy Lioness/Bloc2Bloc, Lucid, Mahtex, Hamez and LVS with MC's DYLS, Undercover MC and Filthy Commoner

Unit Nine - 9 BridgerturnnAve, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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Sep 9 - Optimal Bass x Circle Park

Optimal Bass x Circle Park

James Marvel - Ram Records, Gobs De BXL - Space Pirates Records, Sisley, Benoneshot - Bass Addict, Nidrev - Mentality, Zyam - Optimal Bass, Hystatus - Saturate Records, Rictus - Inertial, Canoris - Constrict
Circle Park - Rue des goujons 156, Anderlecht, Belgium
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Sep 10 - Adriatic Beach Contest

Adriatic Beach Contest

presented by asd energy

Center Italy Qualifyer for: Check The Style

1on1 Breaking -for 500 Euros and top 32 spot 2023 world final of Check The Style

1on1 Youth Breaking 16 and under -for  top 32 spot 2023 world final of Check The Style youth battle

Judged by:

Snook - Prisoners Crew

Side - Urban Force

Mgbility - Hast La Muerte


Dj Manzo Hosted by Keso - ZRK


For More Info:



Rumbel In The Jungle 2 Riverside

Presented by: OG Phantom Poppers

Brought to you by  Midnight TM Ent., 3ish, Magic Ent., G Force Ent.


Event Host - Midnight

Popping Judges - OG Puppet, OG Boogaloo Legs, & OG Ticking Tiny


1on1 Jr. Popping Battle 15 and under for $50 + Trophy - Battle Entry Fee $7

1on1 Popping battle for $400 - Battle Entry Fee $15

On The Turntables - DJ Green, DJ Bishop, DJ 40 Fonzerelli, DJ Puppet, DJ LA Smurf, OG AK

OG Showcase - Special Guest Invites - Funny Bones Crew, Burst Rock, OG B-BOy Ice Man of Homeland, Gizmo Magnetic, The LA Boppin Crew, MBM, Tydee Bone, Lil Coco, Hanna Pop, Comptoin Untouchables, OneTwoOneTwo, Killer Instinct, Poplocking Gee, Freak Daddys, Ace Rock, Ruckus Williams, Freak Daddys

11AM-6PM Fairmount Park, Riverside, CA USA

2601 Fairmount Blvd, Riverside, CA 92501

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Sep 12 - Merge 12 Year Anniversary - Ray Keith

Sep 12 - Merge 12 Year Anniversary - Ray Keith

Merge Music brings you the legendary Ray Keith - Dread Recordings

Supporting Lineup to be announced

Held at the Circle OC

8901 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA

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Sep 13 - School Night - Philth 

Sep 13 - School Night - Philth

Presented by NAPDNB

Philth UK, Ender, Intent To Deliver, Rintin, NapDNB All stars

The Melody Inn - 3826 N. Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN

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Sep 17 - Foco Flava - Volume 6 - Show Your Moves


 2 on 2 B-Boy / B-Girl Crew Battles

Judging by- Elise of Queens of Hip Hop & Street Stylez, Eppie of Break EFX and Kid Cuba of the B_Boy Factory

All Styles Battle

JHudging - Christa Lewis from The Janes & BreakEFX, Audrey Gibson of Whole Milk, Jardy Santiago

Generations Cyphers Battles

For More Info:

Sep 17 - Jam Costa Escondida

Jam Costa Escondida

2 vs 2 Breaking Battle


Yiko of Sopitas Con Huevo

Xunli of Spin Master

Puerto Escondido OAX. Mexico

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Sep 17-18 - United Session 2022

United Session 2022

3on3 Breakdancing Battle

1on1 Popping Battle

1on1 Hip-hop Dance Battle

2on2 All-Styles Battle

1on1 Footwork Battle

1on1 Youth Battle 14 and under

Poppin & Hip-Hop Judges include: Nelson, Mr Wiggles, Majid, Martha Nabwire, Hoan

B-Boy Judges include - B-Boy Kleju, Mr Wiggles, B-Boy Focus

With DJ Renegade and DJ Plash


For More Info:


Sep 17 - Welcome To The Cypher NOHH Park Jam

welcome to the cypher park jam

Presented by Not Only Hip Hop

2on2 B-Boy Battle

Cypher Queen or King

Judeged by:

BBoy Bruce Wayne of Total Feeling Crew

BBoy Mikado of Creteil Style Crew 

BBoy Niko of Paris City Breakers Crew

Hosted by Emcee Owen Kristie

DJ Fado, DJ CLeon, DJ Dav The Goof Father, DJ Jounique

Open Mic, BBQ, Possibly Graffiti

Arcueil Skatepark
58 Av. François Vincent Raspail, 94110 Arcueil, France

For More Info:


Sep 17 - Battle Of Sun Edition lll

Battle Of Sun

Presented by Ossun Crew

3on3 Breaking Battle

DJ Tall Roc and MC Jox

For More Info:

Sep 17 - Move N Culture Festival 2022

Move N Culture

1 on 1 Youth Breaking Battle Tour Finals
5 on 5 Crew Battles
Judged by - 
No Index of Jimakeno
Rossi of The Saxonz
Paulina of Breaknuts
Hosted by Denzko of the Saxons
DJ Planet - Breakbuster, DJ Taj - Cut&coffee, DJ Jasty - Beat Brothers Squad
Halle, Germany
For More Info:

Sep 22 - Strictly Drum N Bass Jungle & Breakbeats

Strictly Drum N Bass Australia

Line up

Toni Yotzi, Pugilist, Anuraag, Lizzy Nice, Skeeta, Monfreaq, PJ Dempsey

229 Queensberrt St Carlton, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

 For More Info:

Sep 16-17 - Queen16 Festival 2022

Sep 23 - Queen16 Festival 2022
Sep 23 
  • Block Party
  • Open Cyphers and Shows
  • All Style Battle "7 TO Dice" Judged by Rocio, Nici and Laura
  • Hip HOp Flea Market
  • Food Trucks
  • Open Graff Wall
  • DJ Femdelic and DJ Boogie dan

Location:  Jugendhaus CHIP, Reichenberger Str. 44-45, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Sep 24

  • T-Flow Workshop on Originality
  • Dj Lazy One

Location: Naunynritze, Naunynstraße 63, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Sep 25

  • Open Cypher
  • B-Girl Battle Judged by - Becca of Unik Breakers. Sonny Tee of Soul control, TBA
  • Cypher Games
  • Live Concert - Mighty Mocambos
  • DJ Hasma, DJ Lazy 1, DJ Femdelic

Location - Jugendhaus CHIP, Reichenberger Str. 44-45, 10999 Berlin, Germany

For More Info:


Sep 24 - Bounce 2.0 - Drum N Bass

Bounce September Drum N Bass

DNB and Jungle Lineup

Korax/Pressure Piont, Durdy/Sonar DNB, Grommit/Pressure Point, Cytek/Nexus, Saladbar, Kycee Paul/ Quadbeats, Paul Jame/ Nexus, J. Augustus/Quaziscience, Breaker 19/Quadbeats

For More Info:


SEP 24-25  - BBOY CITY XXVII (28) 

B-Boy City 28

B-Boy City 28 Envisioned by Romeo Navarro, Brought to you by Pro Beaking Tour, This is a UDEF Sanctioned Event

Event Hosts: Romeo Bomberos and Roger Bomberos

Crew on Crew Battles 

Prize: $3000.00 USD


B-Boy Iron Monkey - Renegades

B-Boy Kuriouz - Mind 180

B-Boy Moy - Havikoro Crew


Dj James Boogie & DJ Flo


SEP 24th - Parish - 501 Brushy St. , Austin, Texas 78701

4Pm-2AM Crew Battle Prelimaries and the After Party


SEP 25th - Moody Ampitheatre at Waterloo Park

1401 Trinity St. Austin, Texas 78701


Produced by : Hope 4 Hip Hop LLC

Sponsors- Jack In The Box, UDEF, Red Bull & Pro Breaking Tour

For More Info:


Sep 25 - Out Of Control 2022

Sep 25 - Out Of Control 2022

Hosted by Aloun

 3 on 3 B-Boy / BGirl Battle

 1 on 1 B-Boy / BGirl Battle

Judges B-Boy Chamako, B-Boy Wizard Macarty

Location Olympia Park - Spirdon-Louis-Ring 21, Munich, Germany

For More Info:

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