Rough Grounds 4 - Coachella, Ca

Rough Grounds 4 - Coachella, Ca

 Rough Grounds 4 Coachella

Rough Grounds 4 by Buda of Ruffnex Cali Held at the Family Worship Center in Coachella, Ca. June 25th, 2011



The Family Worship Center in Coachella witnessed an exhilarating event on June 25th, 2011, as Rough Grounds 4, presented by Buda of Ruffnex Cali. This gathering wasn't just another event—it was a convergence of raw talent, fierce competition, and the unyielding spirit of the desert. The night brimmed with anticipation as it showcased the pinnacle of B-Boy battles and brought together boxing champions, live performances, and DJ sensations DJ A-Kast and DJ Kool Breeze.

Setting the Stage: Family Worship Center in Coachella

The Family Worship Center served as the ideal battleground, where the streetdace of B-Boying collided with the fervor of the desert. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the center became a canvas for artistic expression and athletic prowess.

The B-Boy Battle

At the heart of this event was the electrifying B-Boy Battle, where L.A. Breakers, reigning champions for the second time, brought their unmatched finesse to the floor. The clash of crews like Underground Flow and Battle Holex injected a surge of adrenaline, captivating the audience with their gravity-defying moves.

Exhibition Battles

The exhibition battles added another layer of intensity to the night. A three-way showdown ensued between Rukus Funk, Dot Passe, and Battle Holex, igniting a frenzy among spectators. Meanwhile, the clash between Makito N.S.K. from Japan and Darth Flava of Squishy Docious showcased a blend of cultural styles and individual artistry. Then there was B-Boy Remix of Ruffnex Cali vs Ziggy T.B.B.

Boxing Champions at the Event

Adding a punch of excitement were boxing champs like Antonio Diaz, Pancho Seura, and Steven Quionez Jr. Their presence resonated with the audience, bridging the worlds of combat sports and urban culture.

Live Performances Lineup

The night pulsed with rhythm and rhyme, thanks to the stellar lineup of performances by S.O.G. Crew, Sealed Fate, Da Prodigy, and B-Boy Don Sevilla. Their beats, lyrics and dance resonated, amplifying the event's energy.

Behind the Scenes: Event Highlights

Beyond the performances and battles, the event was a melting pot of energies. The crowd's enthusiasm was infectious, elevating the atmosphere. The tireless efforts of DJ A-Kast and DJ Kool Breeze ensured that the beats never wavered, keeping the audience on their feet.

The Impact of Rough Grounds 4

This event wasn't just a spectacle; it was a testament to the power of community engagement and cultural unity. It showcased how sports, music, and culture can intertwine, fostering unity and celebration.

Interviews and Reactions

Interviews with participants and capturing audience reactions offered a glimpse into the emotions and experiences that transpired during this epic night. The event left an indelible mark on both performers and attendees alike.

Spotlight on Buda and Ruffnex Cali

Buda and Ruffnex Cali played an instrumental role in orchestrating this unforgettable event. Their vision and dedication ensured that Rough Grounds 4 exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting legacy in the Coachella Valley.

Wrapping Up the Event

In conclusion, Rough Grounds 4 wasn't just an event—it was a celebration of talent, passion, and unity. As the echoes of the night lingered, anticipation brewed for future editions, promising even more awe-inspiring moments and cultural convergence.


  1. What is B-Boying? B-Boying, also known as breakdancing, is a form of street dance that originated in New York City in the 1970s, characterized by acrobatic moves and footwork.

  2. How did Rough Grounds 4 impact the local community? Rough Grounds 4 fostered community engagement by bringing together diverse talents and cultures, promoting unity and celebration.

  3. Who were the headline performers at Rough Grounds 4? Headline performers included S.O.G. Crew, Sealed Fate, Da Prodigy, and B-Boy Don Sevilla, captivating the audience with their electrifying performances.

  4. What made the B-Boy Battle at Rough Grounds 4 unique? The B-Boy Battle featured reigning champions L.A. Breakers, along with fierce competition from crews like Underground Flow and Battle Holex, showcasing unmatched skill and talent.

  5. What role did Buda and Ruffnex Cali play in organizing Rough Grounds 4? Buda and Ruffnex Cali were instrumental in curating and organizing Rough Grounds 4, contributing to its success and leaving a lasting impact on the event's legacy.