I Love LA Summer Kick Off

I Love LA - Summer Kick Off - Commerce, CA, US

  APX1 and the Ghetto Life Crew has done it again and brought to us another successful I love LA event that went off the hook.  It was a nice day in Sunny California which was perfect since this event was indoor & Outdoor. There were 3 areas of bass going off. The Bass started bumping in at 4:00 PM when the doors opened to the public. 

 By 6 PM The crowd was getting thick. We got to see a lot of friends we haven't seen in a while, and met a lot of new ones. We even saw peeps from out of state.  There was a few B-boys in the house getting their Breakdancing on, and poppers including Sprite from Funny Bones Crew Getting down to the beat.

 The lyrical assassins that were blessing the mic included MC Dino, J-Tec, Werd MC, Whiskey Pete, Chemistry MC, JB MC , MC Slim Selecta, Pookie, Ivan Jahn, One Mic, Kwek MC, and MC DCD.

 The outdoor stage D j's included Mizhyjak, Svith, DJ Ultra, Jahwy, Iray, Tankdubz, Razor Savvy, DJ Roxanne, DJ Construct from Xccelerated Drum N Bass, Bad Syntax, APX1, Serjah9

 The indoor stage Dj's included Haggard, Shadow Sniper, Jah Bliddie, Ohmen, Maeve, Apok-C, Edward Xavier, Kenny Ray, Mike Geometry, Johnny McNasty (Dumbsteppaz / GJC / Amen Bruthaz), & Liquid Giraffe.

 The Ganja Smoker's Patio Dj's included APX1 with a backyard boogie set Kemst, NGJ, Hardnocker, DJ Give, Dier, Beatrix, Whys, Catnap, and Nodsy

 On the outside patio there were many vendors selling clothing, smokables edibles, clothing including Haggard Extracts, Altered State Refinery and Phat Cloudz.

The staff at Maguey's Sports Bar-and-Grill in Commerce where the event was taking place were very helpful and kept the cold drinks flowing and the Carne Asada on the grill.

Sound Provided by: Pure Filth

Big thank you to DJAPX1 and whole Ghetto Life family!!!