Jolt Drum N Bass - Cathedral City, Ca - Jan 12th 2024

Jolt Drum N Bass - Cathedral City, Ca - Jan 12th 2024

Jolt Drum N Bass January: A Night of Beats and Styles


The Jolt Drum N Bass event, held at BART Lounge in Cathedral City, California, on January 12th, 2024, was an electrifying night of music and fashion. Headlined by the legendary DJ APX 1 from "I Love LA" and "Ghetto Life" out of Los Angeles, the event also featured DJ ST1R, RX79, and DJ Journee. Panic 39 Clothing made the trip out and you know we represnted.

Musical Vibes

DJ APX 1 brought the house down with his iconic beats, showcasing why he's a legend in the Drum N Bass scene . The lineup, including DJ ST1R, RX79, and DJ Journee, kept the energy high throughout the night. Attendees were treated to a diverse range of Drum N Basssounds, making it a memorable experience for Junglists of all tastes.

Panic 39 on Display

Panic 39 Clothing took center stage, representing the fusion of streetwear and musical culture. With our collection, featuring T-shirts, snapbacks, hoodies, and more, resonated with the Drum and Bass enthusiasts in attendance ]. The intersection of music and style was evident as Panic 39 seamlessly blended into the rhythm of the event.

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The Venue: BART Lounge

The choice of BART Lounge as the event venue added to the overall allure. Located in Cathedral City, amidst the scenic Coachella Valley, the lounge provided an intimate yet lively setting for the night's festivities. The venue's ambiance complemented the beats, creating a space where music and fashion seamlessly intertwined


The Jolt Drum N Bass event at BART Lounge was a harmonious blend of music and fashion. DJ APX 1's stellar performance, supported by a talented lineup, created an unforgettable night. Panic 39 Clothing's representation added a distinctive style to the event, making it a must-attend for those passionate about Drum N Bass and streetwear fashion.