Jurassic Jungle / Arkham City - Los Angeles, CA Jan 2024

Jurassic Jungle / Arkham City - Los Angeles, CA Jan 2024

Jurassic Jungle / Arkham City


The night of January 20th, 2024, witnessed an extraordinary fusion of beats and vibes at 1714 Wall St, Los Angeles, California. The merger of two colossal events, the Arkham City Stateside DNB Showcase, and Jurassic Jungle presents Age Of Aquarius, transformed the venue into a pulsating haven for Drum N Bass enthusiasts. Let's delve into the exhilarating experience that unfolded at the Jurassic Jungle / Arkham City extravaganza.

Arkham City / Jurassic Jungle - Los Angeles, Ca

Arkham City Stateside DNB Showcase

The beats started echoing at 10 PM, awakening the venue. Arkham City took center stage, showcasing the finest Drum N Bass tunes. The energy was infectious as Mighty Monkz, Ayuza, and Bakteria set the stage on fire.

Some of Tema Neuro

A Journey through Age Of Aquarius

Simultaneously, Jurassic Jungle's Age Of Aquarius theme added a mystical touch to the night. Mixphix, Taijinx, and Ivan Jahn transported the crowd into a sonic journey through time, blending seamlessly with the DNB vibes.

The Pulse of the Night

Diverse DJ Lineup

The DJ lineup was a testament to the diversity of musical talent. Blur, APX-1, Exhume, Q45, Algorithm, Freeman, Gdubn, Just Kale, Madhadder, Mike Geometry, and Wirdowe crafted a symphony that resonated with every Junglist. 

WirDowe of Underground Sound

WirDowe of Underground Sound

H4: Masters of the Mic

MC's JB MC, Kwek, and Mighty Monkz ensured the crowd stayed hyped throughout the night. Their lyrical skills elevated the experience, turning every beat into a memorable moment.


The Collaborative Force

Brought to you by Team Neuro

Behind the scenes, Team Neuro orchestrated this audiovisual feast. Their meticulous planning and dedication made another unforgettable Los Angeles  night filled with Drum And Bass.

Sound Provided by: Puretone Audio

Puretone Audio had both rooms bumping all night long

Support from the Underground

Panic 39, Puretone Audio, Underland Radio, 727 Group, 2Ten Platoon, and Underground Sound added their magic, transforming the event into a collaborative celebration of the underground music scene.

Panic 39 Drum N Bass Collection (Click Here)

Beyond the Beats

Gastronomic Delights

Sticky's Edibles catered to the gastronomic desires of the attendees, offering a diverse range of culinary delights. The fusion of beats and flavors added an extra layer to the sensory experience.

Hardcore Merchandise

Strictly Hardcore, one of the event's merchandise vendors, provided attendees with a chance to take home a piece of the night. From T-shirts to memorabilia, the merch booth buzzed with excitement.

A Night to Remember

The amalgamation of Arkham City's raw energy and Jurassic Jungle's mystical aura created a night that will be etched in the memories of every attendee. The beats, the lights, and the collective euphoria painted a vivid picture of unity through music.

Mike Geometry & JB MC

Mike Geometry & JB MC


As the clock struck 4 AM, the beats gradually faded, leaving behind a trail of satisfied souls. The Jurassic Jungle / Arkham City event showcased not only the talent of the DJs and artists but also the power of collaboration within the music community. It was more than an event; it was a sonic journey uniting diverse souls under one roof.