Love Yourself - Los Angeles Ca - Feb 2nd, 2024

Love Yourself - Los Angeles Ca - Feb 2nd, 2024


Welcome to an immersive dive into "Love Yourself," the event that lit up the Los Angeles night on February 16, 2024. Nestled in the heart of downtown at 799 E. Pico Blvd, this real underground outdoor event, brought to us by Techno Racer, was a vibrant celebration of House Music, Tek, and Drum N Bass.

Event Overview

Date and Location

"Love Yourself" unfolded on a crisp February evening, transforming 799 E. Pico Blvd into a pulsating hub of music and camaraderie.

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Organizers and Sponsors

Kudos to Techno Racer for orchestrating this sonic feast, with Underland Radio, Strictly Hardcore, DBL Ochoe, Deep End, and Panic 39 elevating the experience through their unwavering support.

Music and Performances

The DJs of the Night

Brentlab, Chief Madache, Mix Phix, Mad Hadder, and Exhume took to the decks, each bringing their unique energy and mixes to the forefront.


Brentlab's set was a journey through evolving beats, setting a high bar for the night.

Chief Mapache

Chief Mapache captivated with his intricate rhythms and deep basslines, a testament to his mastery.

Mix Phix

Mix Phix, known for her eclectic selections, did not disappoint, weaving a tapestry of sounds that kept the crowd moving.

Mad Hadder

Mad Hadder's performance was a rollercoaster of highs and lows with some classic throwbacks mixed in, perfectly timed to capture the crowd's energy.


Exhume closed the night with a set that was both raw and refined, leaving attendees craving more.

Musical Genres and Atmosphere

The event was a celebration of diversity in electronic music, with each DJ adding their flavor to the night's theme of love and self-expression.



Venue and Atmosphere

Outdoor Setting in Downtown LA

The choice of an outdoor venue in Downtown LA provided the perfect backdrop for an event that felt both expansive and intimate.

 Love Yourself Flier

Audience and Reception

Crowd Dynamics

The crowd was a melting pot of music enthusiasts, House Heads, Junglists, Hardcore Heads, Graffiti artists and more each bringing their energy to the event.

Feedback and Highlights

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many hailing it as a night that captured the essence of the real underground spirit.

Conclusion: The Unforgettable Night

Final Thoughts

"Love Yourself" was more than an event; it was a reminder of the power of music to unite and uplift.

Why This Event Stands Out

In a world of commercialized music festivals, "Love Yourself" stood out as a beacon of authenticity, thanks to its curated lineup, underground vibe, and the palpable sense of community it fostered.