Resinate Drum N Bass - Lancaster, California - Feb 24th

Resinate Drum N Bass - Lancaster, California - Feb 24th

Resinate Drum N Bass: A Night to Remember

On the brisk evening of February 24th, 2024, the American Legion Post 311 transformed into a pulsating heart of drum and bass (DNB) culture. The "Resinate Drum N Bass" event, featuring the Know Love Sessions Takeover, became a confluence of rhythm, energy, and community spirit, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

The Venue: American Legion Post 311

Tucked away at 44355 40th St. E in Lancaster, CA, American Legion Post 311 isn't just a venue; it's a sanctuary for the vibrant DNB scene. With its welcoming space and excellent acoustics, it provided the perfect backdrop for a night of relentless beats.

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The Line-Up: DNB's Finest

The event boasted an impressive roster of talent, with DJs Temple, Castor Pollux, Arcid, DJ Kaboom, J-inx, Nickiey C, and Rah Jah spinning the decks. Accompanied by MCs Detn8 & Cas P, they ensured the crowd was rocking all night.

DJ Temple

DJ Temple, known for his intricate mixes and profound basslines, delivered a set that was both energetic and soul-stirring, setting a high standard for the night.

Castor Pollux

With a flair for blending classic tracks with fresh beats, Castor Pollux captivated the audience, proving why he's considered a beacon of the DNB community.


Arcid's set was a masterclass in technical prowess and musical storytelling, taking listeners on a journey through the depths of drum and bass all the Way to Gabber.

DJ Kaboom

DJ Kaboom, the masked DJ with his unmatched energy and selection, ignited the dance floor, creating waves of enthusiasm that rippled throughout the crowd.


J-inx's unique approach to DNB, characterized by a blend of dark, pulsating rhythms and uplifting melodies, resonated deeply with the attendees.

Nickiey C

Nickiey C brought a fresh vibe to the night, with a set that effortlessly moved between genres while staying true

Rah Jah

Rah Jah, the beat sage, imparted wisdom through his music, creating a reflective yet pulsating experience for the audience.

MC's Detn8 & Cas P: The Voice of the Night

The voices of the night, MC's Detn8 & Cas P, guided the crowd through the sonic journey, amplifying the energy and connecting the beats with the soul.



The Culture: Underground Clothing Brands

Metal Junglist: Wearing the Beat

Metal Junglist, an underground clothing

brand, represented more than just attire; it symbolized the unity and the vibrant spirit of the drum and bass culture. Their presence was a testament to the deep connection between music and fashion within the community.

Panic 39: Style in Motion

Panic 39 brought its unique blend of streetwear, echoing the dynamic and fluid nature of drum and bass music. Their designs resonated with the attendees, offering a visual representation of the music's impact on lifestyle and identity.

Audience Experience and Atmosphere

Keeping the Crowd Rocking: A Collective Effort

The synergy between the DJs, MCs, and the crowd created an electrifying atmosphere that was both immersive and inclusive. The event was a celebration of music, culture, and community, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

Conclusion: The Lasting Impact of a Great Night

The "Resinate Drum N Bass - Know Love Sessions Takeover" was more than just an event; it was a memorable experience that highlighted the power of music to unite people. The DJs, MCs, and clothing brands played pivotal roles in crafting a night filled with energy, passion, and rhythm. This event set a high benchmark for future gatherings, showcasing the enduring appeal of drum and bass music and its vibrant community.